UR Huye: Journalism Students Eager to Excel in Live Reporting and News Anchoring

The University of Rwanda’s Journalism and Communication students concluded an intensive five-day training session this Friday focused on honing their skills in live reporting for radio and television, as well as news anchoring. The aim was to fortify the media landscape in Rwanda by equipping these budding professionals with practical expertise.

Throughout the training, there was an evident enthusiasm among the students to carve out their paths as future industry leaders. Charles HARINDINTWALI, one of the trainees, expressed his eagerness, stating, “I delved into new skills crucial for live TV and Radio reporting, emphasising the need for constant attentiveness and readiness. The collaborative aspect in news anchoring and reporting became apparent to me.”

Delphine NTAGARA also shared her insights after two sessions, affirming the feasibility and excitement of conducting live reports. She voiced her hope for additional mentorship opportunities to further enhance the students’ skills.

Elizabeth Lidén, a trainer involved in the program, highlighted its objectives: “Our training endeavors to empower students with new skills in live reporting while imparting fundamental principles of writing for radio and television, including news presentation. Our goal is to nurture journalists capable of handling diverse challenges within their roles, built on the foundations laid during mentorship sessions.”

Eugene HAGABIMANA, Head of the Department, emphasised the significance of such mentorship initiatives in preparing aspiring journalists for the dynamic media landscape. He underscored the need for a practical shift from theoretical knowledge to real-world applications, essential for future success in the field.

This training, conducted in collaboration with Fojo Media Institute and supported by SIDA (Sweden) and SDC (Switzerland) funding, marks the initial phase. The program’s next leg will encompass a five-day training focusing on video editing for another group of eager trainees, reaffirming the commitment to holistic media education.

By Aimable ISHIMWE