UR Huye: Preserving Heritage Through Time: The Annual Enchantments of Indangamuco Cultural Troop

Since its inception in 1995 at the National University of Rwanda, now a proud part of the University of Rwanda with multiple campuses, the Indangamuco Cultural Troop has been a testament to the richness of Rwandan heritage. Aimable Twahirwa and like-minded individuals birthed this cultural gem, dedicated to safeguarding the essence of Rwandan traditions through captivating performances.

Performances Through the Years:

December 20, 2009 – Gratitude Night Rwanda Harvest Awards:

Their inaugural performance at the Serena Hotel during the Gratitude Night Rwanda Harvest Awards was a resounding success. Notably, President Paul Kagame and esteemed artist Cecile Kayirebwa were honored with the Rwanda Harvest Award, while the troop enchanted the audience, celebrating the nation’s vibrant cultural tapestry.

November 16, 2012 – ‘Cordiality Among People’ at Grand Auditorium:

Continuing their cultural odyssey, the troop graced the Grand Auditorium during the event themed ‘Urugwiro mu bantu,’ showcasing unity through captivating cultural expressions.

2013 – Birth of ‘Umubano mu Bantu’:

A significant milestone unfolded as the troop orchestrated the spectacular event ‘Umubano mu Bantu’ at the National University of Rwanda, a testament to their commitment to preserving and promoting Rwandan culture.

March 11, 2016 – ‘Umurage w’Ijambo’ – Celebrating 20 Years:

In a grand celebration marking their 20th anniversary, the troop showcased the richness of Rwandan heritage through a mesmerizing display of cultural performances.

November 8, 2019 – Graduation Ceremony at International Stadium of Huye:

Adding a cultural flourish to the University of Rwanda’s graduation ceremony, the troop captivated audiences at the International Stadium of Huye with their vibrant performances.

2023 – Reviving the Cultural Spirit:

Emerging resiliently from the shadows of the COVID-19 pandemic, the troop has recently participated in various events:

July 29_30,2023- Cultural Competition at University of Rwanda Huye campus:

The competition was prepared by Rwanda Cultural Heritage Academy in partnership with Universities in Rwanda.  Indangamuco troop won a 3rd Position all over the country.

August 27, 2023 – Closing event of FEASSA competition at the International Stadium of Huye:

They graced the closing ceremony of the FEASSA competition, infusing the event with the vibrant spirit of Rwandan culture.

 September 16, 2023 – Swearing-in ceremony at the University of Rwanda Huye Campus:

Their participation in the swearing-in ceremony at the University of Rwanda Huye Campus further solidified their commitment to promoting Rwandan heritage.

September 29, 2023 – Closing event of Research on Alex Kagame’s artistic works:

Participating in the closing event of the Research on Alex Kagame’s artistic works, the troop once again showcased the beauty of Rwandan culture.November 09,2023- Angola Embassy’s Anniversary at University of Rwanda Huye campus,Koika Building:

Indangamuco cultural troop entertained the attendees and show them the deliciousness of Rwandan Culture

As they stride into the future, the Indangamuco Cultural Troop continues to weave the colors and rhythms of Rwandan culture into the nation’s identity, promising more enchanting performances in the days ahead.