UR Journalism and Communication finalists embark on an educational visit to RBA Headquarters

On November 23, 2023, third-year students from the University of Rwanda’s Journalism and Communication department embarked on a meaningful visit to the Rwanda Broadcasting Agency (RBA), delving into the intricacies of radio and television production, an integral part of their academic pursuit.

Among the eager learners was Vestine UMURERWA, who found the experience enlightening. “I discovered the evolving landscape of journalism, increasingly dominated by online platforms. Media outlets now leverage digital mediums like social media to break news, supplementing traditional media. Witnessing the operations in television, observing news broadcasts, and understanding the control room dynamics has been an invaluable learning experience for me and my peers,” she expressed.

Desire AHISHAKIYE echoed similar sentiments, expressing gratitude to their lecturers for orchestrating the visit. “I realized that what our professors impart in class aligns closely with industry practices. Today, I gained insights into the vast career prospects available, dispelling external misconceptions. This reaffirms my passion for this field,” he remarked.

The Head of the Department of Journalism and Communication, Eugene HAGABIMANA, who led the delegation, emphasized RBA’s stature as an institution equipped with advanced journalistic tools. “RBA boasts cutting-edge equipment crucial for budding journalists. Our decision to visit stemmed from its seasoned professionals. As educators, we remain committed to empowering our students, equipping them with indispensable skills,” remarked the lecturer.

During the visit, students were given a comprehensive tour of RBA’s facilities, exploring newsrooms, studios, and control rooms. They received insights into RBA’s historical significance as a media institution and its operational processes.

Jean Pierre Kagabo, a senior editor and journalist at RBA, extended valuable advice to the students. “As budding professionals, diligence and passion are paramount. This field demands continual effort and commitment. We encourage you to immerse yourselves, work diligently, and think like researchers. Furthermore, we extend an invitation for internships, fostering collaboration,” he affirmed.

The excursion, organized by the University of Rwanda’s School of Journalism and Communication from the Huye campus, comprised 46 enthusiastic third-year students and was accompanied by two esteemed academic staff members, Mr. Eugène HAGABIMANA and Mr. Athanase MUNYARUGENDO

Students were happily receiving explanations from RBA staff member