UR HUYE: Students urged to make better choices


During a public talk held on October 25, at UR-Huye Campus, students were reminded of the crucial importance of making right decisions as a cornerstone for shaping a better vision, essential for the country’s progress.

This talk, which brought together students and university staff at UR-Huye, is an annual event held in October, dedicated to reflecting on the unity and resilience of the Rwandan Community.

Some students who attended the talk expressed significant takeaways from the conversations. Learning how to make correct decisions and recognizing potential pitfalls that might lead them astray from supporting the government were key lessons.

Patrick Manishimwe, a second-year student in the Faculty of Translation and Interpreting, shared his insights, stating, “I’ve learned how to discern whom I should trust, especially in decision-making. As students, we often encounter confusion in seeking advice or sharing information, particularly in matters concerning Rwanda’s history. Sometimes, our judgments are influenced by the people around us. However, we were reminded that incorrect decisions can lead to regret.”

Echoing similar sentiments, Jesca Igiraneza, a student in the School of Law, highlighted the significance of the talk in guiding students towards making right decisions and being cautious about opposing views towards the government. “We are easily swayed by what we witness or hear, particularly from public figures, which aren’t always accurate. At times, our decisions are made hastily, leading to trouble. However, now we’ve gained insights that we should also share with our peers,” she emphasized.


Students getting advice from the respective visitors


Emmanuella Mahoro, a health worker and counselor at the ADPR church, working in partnership with the Ministry of Rwandan Unity and Civic Engagement (MINUBUMWE), emphasized the importance of young people making better choices, emphasizing the benefits this could bring to the country.

Each October, Rwandans focus on reflecting upon unity and community resilience, acknowledging the historical challenges the country has faced. This commitment aims to be the catalyst for positive social change.

As the public talk concluded, Professor Nkaka Raphael, from the University of Rwanda, Huye Campus, and a former journalist at Radio Muhabura, imparted guidance to the students. He urged them to be mindful while using social media platforms and cautioned against false narratives that perpetuate Genocide ideology, which aims to reignite past conflicts.

Although there has been a 17.5% decrease in genocide ideology over the past five years (2018-2022), it remains a lingering issue that demands continued attention.


Students are curious about the History of Rwanda




The talk attended by UR Huye staff members


By Delphine Ntagara