UR-Huye: Over 200 evangelical association members trained

Over two hundred young people from thirteen evangelical associations working under the umbrella of Forum of Evangelical Associations (FAE) met in a one-day discipleship training at UR-Huye Campus.

The training was held on June 21, 2023 at Koica conference room in UR Huye Campus. It aimed at training the delegates to become evangelists and disciples of God among university community.

President of the Forum of Evangelical Association(FAE), Felicien NIYOMUGABO, introduced the African Evangelistic Enterprise (AEE) as the partner of activity.

Mission coordinator in African Evangelistic Enterprise,  George Nkurunziza, trained the delegates how they should become disciples, preachers and role models of university students especially in UR- Huye campus.

He also explained their mission and purpose of the training.

“The AEE’s mission is to evangelize the cities of Africa through word of God and deed in partnership with the church, and the purpose of this training is to reach the students with gospels.”

The christian students  profited from training about discipleship, and they are going to preach and disciple the university students by door to door.

One among the trainees, Charles Harindintwali who study  Journalism and communication and a member of Youth for Christ (YFC) which is among the thirteen Associations attended, expressed what he gained

“We learnt the strategies of evangelism as the way of disseminating Good News of God to those who are concerned especially the newcomers in University of Rwanda-Huye campus, either in hostels or in ghettos,” he said.

One among those associations representative, Elyse Christian Himbazimana, said that the training was all about discipleship to disseminate holy words of God to the siblings and to help the university students to be aware of word of God.

“It is necessary to attend the training because as disciples of Jesus Christ, we need to know so much and be not afraid of preaching and disseminating the word of God to the people who need to receive salvation especially the university students”,  he added.

Usually , Forum of Evangelical Association stands for all evangelical associations at UR- Huye Campus. It  aimed at preparing their members for discipleship and other related activities. Currently, there are thirteen evangelical associations at the campus.

This delegation has to prepare the Huye Concert which will take place in campus main Auditorium on Saturday, June, 23,2023.

By David Nshimiyimana