UR Huye: Over 150 Red Cross student members trained

Red Cross  Rwanda has trained above 170 member students from UR Huye Campus community. The training aimed to First Aid Blended Learning (FABL) for strengthening and empowering support ability concerning assistance offered to a person in suffering complaint at initial stage.

The two-day training held from 23 February-24 February 2023 at UR-Huye Campus. The Red Cross member students trained to offer aid for victims of accident, skin burn, chocking, muscle cramp, sprain, strain, dislocation of bones, stroke, fainting, among others beyond the campus community borders. The above aids should be offered without the field expert’s intervention but the training.

The attendees were grateful for gaining first aid skills that will be a key factor for healing life of the entire community. Christine Nirere, a student in School of Governance and Leadership revealed she was offered the first aid training but awareness was very poor.

“I was offered first aid training before, but there were some challenges hindered my accomplishment to a victim. This session is very crucial, the more comprehension of it will raise the level of helping the people”, she revealed.

Titien Twambajimana, a student in Political Science and also attendee, emphasized on how important this training is regarding the aid that should be given to a suffering person.

“I have exploited more I was not aware of it. For instance, to help a person for accident scene, skin burn or someone who is feeling faint. I have also learned how to offer first aid while ambulance is not yet reached there for taking a victim to the hospital”, he mentioned.

Patrick Niyizabayo, the President of Red Cross Rwanda at UR Huye Campus said an organization has great contribution to underpin some community-based governmental policies. He also tasked the trained members for emphasizing the essentials of training.

“The members are few, we need to escalate the number, it is our pleasure to find big number of students in organization. We wish to train more so that should tend to intense accomplishments”.

Trainees during practice in their respective groups

During session’s closure, Rugabira Pamela Girimbabazi, an occupant from Red Cross Rwanda head in Kigali, revealed the training organized in two phases of learning approaches.  They use software composing Red Cross-related information which ends up a participant sitting for evaluation and offered admission certificate and blended learning in class to guide and emphasize lessons brought from that software.

The entire community is summoned to acquire first aid related skills and offered by Red Cross Organization in their respective residences for making the World better than it was. As the attendees have a big task to sterilize a great change in their respective societies.

Further activities done by Red Cross members include blood donation, building for vulnerable people, vegetable garden making among others.

By Aimable Ishimwe