UR-Huye: Theft strikes the students’ life

The varsity students of  Huye Campus  are worried about thieves stealing their properties especially mobile phones. This problem has been going on for long time and it is affecting the studies in general.

The University of Rwanda Huye Campus main entrance. Photo/The Kaminuza Star

These acts of robbery is stimulated by the location of the campus because it is in-between the Arboretum forest and there are usually other insecurity issues such as beating and injuries during night. They are done by unknown people who come from outside the campus and enter forest basically at night.

The Kaminuza Star talks to some of the victims. Pauline Mujawase, a student in School of  Governance and Leadership has been recently snatched a phone during choir rehearsal held at Gymnasium near Arboretum  forest in the campus.  A man emerged from the bush around there  and snatch her  phone then rush away. It set her in hard situations for studies.

“The phone has stolen during exams, it was very difficult but as someone who knows reason to stay here at Huye, I tried my best to continue learning. A phone has been stolen and I approach my colleagues whom we share the same courses for a help”, Pauline said.

Pauline requests the campus management  to improve  safety around the campus  and advised her colleagues to be also responsible for their properties.

“Safety at Huye campus is not stable, if they don’t steal your properties, they should injure you. Of course Arboretum forest is intense and the  guards are there  but some places seem to be in dark near  playgrounds and gymnasium.  I advise other people is to be responsible at all, to keep phone properly if any, not to believe any person. The campus management  should  take care of the issue”,  Pauline added.

The UR-Huye Campus is located in-between the forest. Photo/The Kaminuza Star

Another victim comes from School of Business and Economics, Jean Jacques Byiringiro. He has been struggling  by the lack of phone and the non-existence of laptops which were usually offered the students before Covid-19.

Jean Jacques mentioned that ‘Smart phone is essential device in absence of laptop, if no phone you cannot mind a stay, means you are out of course environment’.

On other hand Guild President at UR Huye Campus, Mr Erickson MUGISHA reveals that causality of theft to students, to be non-responsible to their security as major factor, crossing in and near the  Arboretum forest at night and the campus location itself.

However, the issue has reported to campus administrators. The University of Rwanda Student Union (URSU) in Huye Campus  established the strategies to prevent the robbery in campus which should solve the issue but the ‘students are not angels’.

Guild president Erickson Mugisha advised the student firstly to be the guards for their safety and to communicate any theft-related issue to anyone of URSU board member.

“Most of  robbery cases held at evening and night from 18h00 and above. The students have not to walk lonely, if not, ensure the gathering. Most of the victims, were stolen  while travelling alone. They don’t have to hold their phones, bags in hands and moving in dark space such as praying places. Erickson responded.

Theft issue is not only the case inside Huye Campus but also in places around Arboretum forest and it was reported to different organs in charge.

By Aimable Ishimwe