Basketball: School of Law wins a cup

School of Law Basketball players during a cup celebration

The School of Law’s Basketball team defeated the School of Forestry in the final game of the Inter-school Competition at the UR-Huye campus.

Before the game with many spectators from both sides started, there has been a shout of joy. Players have seen dressed in Jersey- School (SoL) of Law in black and  School of Forestry(SoF) in white.

The School of Law has won the final game against the School of Forestry following each team’s victory in the quota final – where SoL defeated the School of Governance, and – SoF defeated the CST team.

Speaking to The Kaminuza Star before the game started, spectators expected to watch a good game.

Manishimwe Daniel, a Year Four SoL student said:  “We hope for a victory regardless of Forestry’s team strengths, ours is stronger”.

Moses Twagirayezu, a Year Three Forestry student, says: “the victory is ours because we have never lost any single day of competition since its beginning. So, we are not losing today. The final game must be ours”.

The Minister of Sports at the University of Rwanda’s Students Association in URSU, Mr. Emmanuel Mukunzi says, “I thanked the participants of the competition, especially the fans who came to watch these games. We will always do our best to bring students together and everything that will make students’ development possible”.

The game started at 9:00 pm. The team of the School of Forestry beat the School of Law in the first part and then the School of Law won the last part.

Working towards the development of sports and improvement of leisure activities for the students, at the UR-HUYE campus, there is, at the end of October, an Inter-school competition in different games. Besides leisure and entertainment, schools compete and win awards.

The inter-school competition games are the preliminaries of inter-campus games at the University of Rwanda scheduled for December which will be held on respective campuses.

By Patrick Niyonkuru