UR Law Students Association concludes anti-GBV week campaign


University of Rwanda Law Students Association (UR-LSA) commenced the Gender-Based Violence campaign week since 24th up to 28th. The closure of the campaign ceremony has taken place at HVP Gatagara Secondary School located at Huye district where law students has offered an open public lectures to young students in secondary schools.

Since 24th October 2022, the UR-LSA members commenced a Gender Based Violence week campaign that aimed to teach young pupils particularly understanding the GBV concept and clear clarifications of their rights and different kinds of violence based on gender.

In an interview with The Kaminuza Star, Florance Nikuze, a student at HVP Gatagara says they learned a very important course that they will lean on in the future.

“We have been taught that there are various kinds of violence and now we are aware that even a violence based on the property can also be a Gender Based Violence. By the time you are told harassing words you must claim for your right”, she says.

The current chairperson of University of Rwanda Law Students Association, Mr Abiel Inwarane has explained the reasons they organized this week and cleared the anticipation impacts. He advises youth to take a part in fighting against Gender Based Violence as it affects big number of people in the society.

“We, as law practitioners, we wanted to make people basically youth understanding GBV in terms of laws. Sometimes victims do not know that their rights are not being violated. When they look for justice, they are ignored. It is our responsibilities for us as law practitioners to coach and guide the community about laws”, he says.

UR-LSA has a continuous plan of teaching many people as they should. They hope that the campaigns will have a positive impact and it is a way of national development.

By  Eric Mihigo