Bursary unfits the market price raise

The varsity government –sponsored students call for raising the living allowance which is currently unfits the prices raise to the market. The prices have been strangely increasing basically since a pandemic outbreak. However, the living allowance quantity given the varsity students is still the same since 2019.

The University of Rwanda, Huye Campus is most multi-college campus among others. It has five colleges with big number of students and those make it the first big one among nine other campuses. The Kaminuza Star talks to some students around that campus. They wish the raise of living allowance given because they struggle more for matching the prices at market with the amount of money given them.

Either those who stay in the campus hostels or those who accommodate themselves outside say that the money they are given are insufficient to the market. They say that in recent years their colleagues have been using living allowance not only for meal and accommodation but also for dressing and solving unpredictable issues but today they can’t.

Elysée Niyotangiriro, a year three student in Pharmacy Department says that he does not understand why University of Rwanda does not advocate for increasing the living allowance.

“Actually, our studies are affected by unpleasant life. People who live in hostels and those who live in ghettos are affected by the high price at market. For instance, rice, beans, oil even others needed for preparing meals have been strangely rising.  Those who live in hostels are struggling with meal cards high cost. There is nowhere else do we expect more money except from BRD.  So how can we live as students? The restaurants have raised prices; some of them are paid 38000 Rwf or 34000 Rwf a month! We are requesting the government to increase the living allowance”, He reacts.

Madelene Nikuzwe,  a year one student in Economic Development explains how it requires commitment to live in Huye as students who get 40,000 Rwf a month. She does not see welfare from this living allowance.

“When you go to buy food you get surprised because of the price. It is difficult to be concentrated with studies while there is not enough meal in ghettos or without a meal card. The studies are negatively affected for those who live in ghettos and for those who live in hostels. We not only need enough meal but also basic daily requirements daily”, She says.

Félix Mutangana, student and a minister of Health and Social Welfare in URSU- Huye Campus says they tried their best as students’ representatives and there is a hope of getting a solution.

“We advocated students as representatives of them and also different leaders in government know that problem. There is hope as the Minister of Education has recently promised us to make change as they did for teachers though it should take long”, He says.

The bursary problem is simultaneously affecting University of Rwanda students with that of laptops which lasts almost 3 years. Since 2019, the living allowance of 40K amount a month given the students has not been raised however the prices at the market have been rising. During his recent visit in Southern Province, President Paul Kagame while at UR-Huye Campus said the issues are recognized by the government and promised the changes.

By Jean Bosco Niyonteze