EU-UR to boost academic status relations through Study in Europe Fair

European Union members have on October 5th 2022 visited the University of Rwanda, Huye Campus to strengthen academic relations and present academic opportunities available in European countries.

Via WhatsApp groups, students were informed of the “Study in Europe Fair” and were eagerly waiting for the day to come.

The chief German guest Norman said that paying visits to Rwandan universities is the best way to improve educational relations with Rwanda in particular and on both African and European continents in general. “We want to develop the country of Rwanda through education. We are determined to provide opportunities for Rwandan children to increase their knowledge through the universities we have on the European continent. That is why we came here,” Norman said.

With smiley faces, university students, some of whom attended a public talk for the first time since their arrival said:

“We are grateful for this opportunity to study in Europe. It was a dream for most of us. Although we cannot go there for studies, we at least have trusted information from this visit. It’s a great opportunity and it’s up to us to take this advantage,” Marie Claire Twizerimana, a student in Development Studies said.

Olivier Ishimwe, a student in the School of Governance and Leadership, said he was always confused about how his fellow students made it to the European universities. “We were always thinking that their potential helped those students to join European universities but now we see it is possible to have the opportunity to study abroad for free,” Olivier Ishimwe revealed.

Study in Europe Fair presented exchange programs, scholarships, and capacity-building actions benefitting students from bachelor to Ph.D. level, lecturers, and university staff. The study in Europe fair at UR-HUYE campus took place following other fairs including the UR-Nyarugenge Campus (KSEV cultural village), 28th September, and the University of Applied Sciences (INES Ruhengeri) Musanze, 29th September.

By Modest Ukwishaka