DTS to enhance technology-based skills at UR Huye Campus

Students from different colleges of the University of Rwanda at Huye Campus appreciate how DTS association helps them to raise their technological skills. The association mentor them as class companion and after studies activities related to digital devices.

 Digital Technology Skills (DTS) is non-profit  association works in University of Rwanda at Huye Campus. It was launched by the  students from different colleges of  UR-Huye Campus as it is a multi-colleges. DTS aims at assisting the students and the community in general  raising  their technological skills.

Some of the beneficiaries of DTS appreciate how they benefit from this association. They  say the skills they get are very useful for daily class activities as some of them have poor technological skills background. They learn a lot for using in their courses and after classes.

Kwizera Marie  Aimée, one of DTS benefitiaries and student in Economy Department economy Year  one says that following the courses offered by DTS is useful for her during her daily studies, as there are some courses that require  basic knowledge in technology basically computer.

“It is very important  for me because as  I am studying Economy , there are some courses that require  to be skilled in technology and  in  class we don’t go in deep to learn more  about technology. Being a beneficiary of DTS helps me when the lecturer is teaching  ,it makes me understand better because I have  the basic skills on some courses says”, She says.

She also adds this  helped her to improve her  skills in technology which is  very helpful when she gets to the job market with those skills.

Jean Ndayishimiye, a Year Three student in Communication Department and DTS beneficiary says that this association  is helping him a lot, to know more about technology as needed in his field.

“As a student in Communication, DTS is helping me a lot these days because it teaches more about technology  -in the field of communication we need technology very much. As one of the students who started DTS courses from the early beginning, there are many things I had not known about computer programs like Microsoft excel, Microsoft words and MS Power Point. I have tried to learn it online before, but I didn’t understand it well, but when I joined DTS, they taught me and we do a lot of practices. Now I’m at the level of understanding that I know everything in Microsoft Office and I can combine it with what I’m learning in communication, I don’t have any problem”, He says.

Ndikubwimana Valens, a Representative of DTS association and student in  Business Department  Year three says  the beneficiaries are the first who have been encouraging them to work because they are willing to learn.  He adds that the number of participants is increasing.

“Currently our students are the ones who have been  motivating us to work hard. They are very curious  for [technology]and they have a desire  to learn, and there is a problem of people who still have little skills in  technology, but the number is increasing. They are also some who send the message to us asking about our lecture program. We just want to increase the number of participants”, He says.

Digital Technology Skills association started in 2022, and founded by students from different colleges of the University of Rwanda, after participating the training in June, 2021 offered by Love and Hand Company in collaboration with Career Center and Innovation Hub. That’s where the idea to create this association came from. The association has a teaching vision for everyone, and even gives  certificate to every student who attends these courses every year.

By Diane Iradukunda