From RTV Producer and Assistant Lecturer in 1998 to Dean of SJC- Dr Faustin Mutwarasibo


 Dr Faustin Mutwarasibo is now the Dean of SJC

From 2020 Dr Faustin Mutwarasibo has been heading  the School of  Journalism and Communication at University of Rwanda-Huye Campus. He had not ever thought of  being  an academic staff member. But he is currently a multi-talented personnel in academic affairs at UR- Huye Campus. He advises  the young generation  not to build up on uni-direction  in their life.


  Back in his childhood, Dr Mutwarasibo never thought he could become a lecturer. ”I never aimed at being a Lecturer; I was passionate with Electronic Engineering, and if I have gotten the opportunity to do sciences in high school I should have continued with my passion.”

In February 1971, the current sector of  Nyamabuye in Muhanga district has seen the birth of  Dr Mutwarasibo where he did his primary school and secondary school at  Saint Leon Minor Seminary of  Kabgayi. “Even if I did Junior Seminary, my passion was not to become a priest, I did not feel like having that kind of calling”.

After doing Latin and other  languages in high school, he was admitted in the department of  English at University of  Rwanda (ex NUR) where he completed his Bachelor’s Degree in 1997 in English Languages and Literature.

He has never regretted his choices and advises the young generation to look at life in a positive way and take advantages of every opportunity presented to them. “An advice I give to any one and to all the students who are complaining because they were admitted in a school differently from what they expected and wanted, is to look at life in a positive way and take the opportunities presented to them. Doing Mathematics in college does not limit you to be a journalist”, he said.

Dr Mutwarasibo  is now 51 years old, he is married and has three children. Since 1998 when he became a Lecturer at University of  Rwanda, he has been located in Huye district with his family. He is a Senior Lecturer and Dean of Journalism and Communication School.  His work consists of designing and conducting academic courses, doing academic researches and publishing, designing and reviewing academic programs, supervising academic researches, proofreading and editing journal articles as well as acting as institutional auditor.

“I have never thought that the work of a Dean asked you to be multi- talented, you have to be able to do office staffs, to organize, to coordinate, to supervise, to plan, and be good at writing”.

From [being]TV Producer at Rwanda Television and assistant Lecturer in 1998 to Dean of  SJC. It shouldn’t have been possible without right choices and self commitment. “When you are an academic staff, you are asked to do more and more, I got my Masters Degree in 2003 and my PHD in 2017 after ten years of studying and teaching at the same time” .

He added that he has been appointed to the post of SJC’s dean in 2020 after interviews and tests.

Besides his personal career as a Lecturer, he is fulfilling his passion in his free time. “It is not common to see me doing nothing but if I want to relax, I change the activity I am doing and go for example at the market to buy clothes and when I came back ,I am very relaxed and I can continue with what I was doing. In my free time home, I like to repair broken things such as lights, doors and sometimes check the engine of my car”.

For taking rest after a long day of work, reading and listening to news on different news websites is his cup of tea.  “Because of working with Rwanda Television, I really enjoy being aware of current events, whatever happens, all the times, all over the world”.

He ended saying that he also watches videos of entrepreneurs and politicians’ successful stories that inspire him.

Dr Faustin Mutwarasibo enjoys the work he is in today and has valued each opportunity presented to him.

By Orlane Marvella Kado