UR-Huye: Visually-impaired students contest at Infinix Marathon Competition

Visually-impaired contestants were awarded after Infinix Marathon Competition

Visually-impaired students of the University of Rwanda, Huye Campus has contested during the Infinix Marathon held at Huye Campus stadium.

Infinix Marathon Competition was organized by the Infinix Mobile Phone Rwanda in partnership with the University of Rwanda within the aim of bringing the most fashionable and stylish technology and entertainment to young generation, university students in case.

Among the contestants of the Marathon were visual-impaired students who contested alongside their fellow students who are visual.

Regine Umuhoza, a student in School of Journalism and Communication said that attending Infinix Marathon is part of showing and making the whole community to understand and believe in their abilities.

“Joining the general athletes without particularity of the visually-impaired students has been showing our abilities to the general community. Despite understanding difficulties we encounter like normal walking without seeing, we have completed 200 meters like the rest of contestants, so it gave message.”

Referring to a Swahili (East African spoken language, Tanzania) saying “Umoja ni nguvu” which translates to “Union makes strength” , Regine added that contesting with visual people is a significance of the power of union in achieving other things which they can do better.

Another student, Apollinaire Ndayizigiye Hodari, a student at the School of Arts and Languages (Option of Arts and Publishing) said he attended Infinix Marathon because he believed in his ability to win the race and entertain as he met the crowd.

“I learned that exercises are always important for a winning spirit. Training before the contest benefits the body and it is clear that the winners are more experienced and exercised,” he added.

Hodari proposed to all institutions to get all levels at hand when it comes to organizing contests.

The Marketing Director of Infinix, Sylivie Li, says that she heard of visually-impaired students’ wish to contest only two days before the Infinix Marathon begins and she said “Okay, they are welcome if they want. I really like their spirit. Although they are blind, they dare to try”.

Li explained that the blind contestants gave a great lesson to fellow students.

“Seeing visually-impaired students contesting cheers up other students. Why can’t they try? We will try this even by the next time but bring in the part of impaired students in particular”, Sylivie reacted.

Sylvie Li, Marketing Director of Infinix said they will consider visually-impaired students in future contests

All awarded contestants took a photo with Infinix and Campus Administration

The expected target audience of Infinix was only 2000 students but the number increased to about 3000 students.

The Infinix Marathon contest was attended by more than 100 students among them four students were visually impaired ones. The visually-impaired contestants were awarded Bluetooth headphones, two glass casseroles, T-Shirts and notepads.

By Pheneas Sebeza