Basketball: The Hoops wins UR Huye women


The Hoops Women Basketball Team on Sunday, 10th July beat 125-31 against UR-Huye Women Basketball team in the championship at the University of Rwanda, Huye campus.


The game started at noon with the winning spirit of both teams but UR-Huye Women Basketball Team did not make it to the end.

Speaking to The Kaminuza Star, The Hoops Women Basketball Team Coach, Mr. Patrick Habiyambere, expressed his feelings after the victory against the UR-Huye Women Basketball team and commented on their vision.

“It is cheerful to get this victory as this match was well-prepared. UR-Huye women basketball is a new and good team that needs to develop its players, perhaps by hiring the new players, and exercises for getting to the upper level,” Mr. Patrick said.

He additionally thanked the University of Rwanda (Huye campus) for the efforts made for the teams in the champions.

Tresor Rukimirana, a UR Huye student, in an interview with The Kaminuza Star said that the team lacks quality players and enough time for exercises.

“We do not have quality players. The current players are the ones who had sports as a passion back in secondary education and then it becomes difficult to accompany sports with their priority (modules) at university. The teams need to have some powerful elements to motivate the rest of the team,” Tresor advised.

On the other hand, a UR Huye basketball both women and men, Coach Mr Aime Imena Munyakazi reveals the hindrances that lead to losing the match.

“Indeed, we did not have enough exercises as a team. Although I came to this match, I am in the off and that question but we are changing”, Aime revealed.

The competing Women Basketball Teams in the champions are UR-Huye, APR, IPRC Huye, The Hoops, UR Remera (CMHS), G.S Marie Reine Rwaza, Adege, and others.

By Patrick Sibomana