UR Huye Campus in new outlook by 2023

The University of Rwanda Huye Campus authority has been repairing its buildings basically removing asbestos roofs as they are dangerous for human health. The plan set into three phases including the two which are already completed and third one which is currently in progress. This project aims to renew a campus’s good look and protecting the environment whereby 2023 will be full completed.


The asbestos roofs removal from the University of Rwanda’s buildings resumed after the Rwanda Housing Authority’s initiative to fill governmental buildings with health friendly roofs. According to the action plan as recommended by Rwanda Housing Authority it is anticipated to rehabilitate all buildings covered by asbestos roofs that will end in 2023 with the purpose of living students and workers in good condition.

A Personnel in charge of Estates at UR Huye Campus, Eng. Juvenal NSENGIYUMVA, says the process is running in three phases whereby the first phase started by removing asbestos from Rinda and Vuba student Hostels in 2018. The second phase ended with the former science laboratory building around campus health center by June 2020.

The Covid-19 outbreak reached Rwanda by March 2020 halted the activities of removing asbestos roofs from university’s buildings and postponed until they resumed by March 2022. The removal of roofs continued by re-roofing the buildings of the Medical classrooms, Kiza student hostels and restaurant as well as ex-rectorate buildings which are currentry completed. The next places for being renewed will be Campus main library and ICT classrooms, two Vietnam student hostel blocks, Bâtiment centrale building, Personnel’s rents located at Taba and restaurants buildings in the campus.  Due to the services delivery management, they are to be roofed later in the current phase funded by the Rwanda Housing Authority.


Eng. Juvenal says that some activities set by campus were completed while others are in progress and action plan.

“We roofed the classrooms of the School of Journalism and Communication at ex-rectorate and Radio Salus buildings using our own budget. Renewing activities will go on especially starting by former book shop nearby Hotel Faucon and buildings behind UR Huye Campus stadium as needed materials are already there. These are activities in emergency to care about” , Eng. Juvenal says.

Eng. Juvenal adds “As done before, it requires specific budget to help in cash follow. The money is not accessed at the same time and used in different activities. It is expected to finish these activities by 2023”.

Due to the University of Rwanda Huye Campus’ initiatives, it is not only set to remove asbestos roofs but also to repair electrical installations, painting and other cleanliness-related activities are planned.

The budget that is to be spent on all activities (Completed and running) amounts to around 5900 USD. Even though the activities delayed due to Covid-19 impacts and wet season the activities are expected to have completed by 2023. The UR Huye Campus is one of oldest campuses among others with key historic background in  Rwandan universities through what was popularly known as National University of Rwanda before 2013.

By Aimable ISHIMWE