UR-Huye: Rev. Dr Antoine RUTAYISIRE reveals the pillars of leadership

Rev. Dr Antoine RUTAYISIRE during Public talk at UR Huye Campus

Rev. Dr Antoine RUTAYISIRE has, on Wednesday 15th  June, taught University of Rwanda- Huye Campus students the leadership pillars that can underpin them in their daily lives as current and future leaders.

At the invitation of the campus management, Dr RUTAYISIRE taught the students during the weekly gathering known as public talk which  takes  place at Huye Campus  main auditorium. The students and some lecturers were present in the Public talk which was themed “Leadership for future leaders” where Dr. RUTAYISRE lectures much about leadership.

Rev. Dr Antoine RUTAYISIRE to the students and some lecturers about the four pillars to build upon as a good leader among which are character, attitude, skills, and experience abbreviated as ‘CASE’.

“Among over 400 pillars of leadership, there are four main pillarsa good leader should apply; character is what you are when you are alone. Attitude is a character manifested outside. Skills are learning, vision, monitoring, evaluation, engineering, etc.while experience is what you have seen or passed through”, Rev. Dr Antoine RUTAYISIRE explained.

According to Dr. Antoine RUTAYISRE the leader who fails to apply even one of the four pillars falls prey and gets fired. He, therefore, advised the students to apply every pillar to avoid the same mistakes other leaders made.

Again, Rev. Dr Antoine RUTAYISIRE reminded attendees that leadership is a dynamic process. He said that being a leader does not mean having a certain position.

“Leadership is not a position. Many people think that being a leader is to be a Dean of Students, Campus administrator, Vice-chancellor…no. Being a leader has no relation to the position. I am a leader when I amin the classroom with my classmates, or even when I am not there, I can be a leader of myself “, Rev. Dr Antoine RUTAYISIRE says.

He additionally told the students to be dreamers and have objectives for becoming great, strong, fruitful leaders of the people. He said thateveryone can be a leader, but not at the same level.

Rev. Dr Antoine RUTAYISIRE mentioned poverty as one of the things that make someone a big dreamer. He gave an example of himself once he was renting while he was working as a secondary teacher. He said that the landlord used to come and knock on the window as a reminder of payment adding that it gave him the thought of building his own house before getting married to avoid the same situation.

Rev. Dr Antoine RUTAYISIRE studied and worked as a lecturer at the University of Rwanda. He also used to work in different positions such as Unity and reconciliation in Rwanda among others. He is a Ph.D. holder in Global leadership and is currently the Senior Pastor of the Anglican Church Rwanda.