”Think big, dream big the sky is the limit and it is true”- Rev. Dr Antoine RUTAYISIRE

Rev. Dr. Pastor Antoine RUTAYISIRE
 said that he discovered Jesus during his talks with the University of Rwanda- Huye campus students.
Following his invitation as an expert in leadership, Rev. Dr. Pastor Antoine RUTAYISIRE said about his discovery during yesterday’s June 16, 2022, public talk at the University of Rwanda- Huye campus.


The public talk’s main topic was: “Leadership for future leaders” where he was teaching the university students all about the leader: Definition, pillars of leadership, pit faults, qualities to developing leadership, and most importantly transformative leadership.
During a questions and answers session, a year one Agro-forestry student, Dorcas asked him how people can achieve their dreams while they are studying the opposite of their choices, he answered: “Dorcas, being successful in certain faculty does not depend on whether you chose it or not. You must dream everywhere you are. For example, I grew up with a strong desire of becoming a medical doctor to treat either humans or animals but I finally did language yet I am a doctor. However, I even discovered. I discovered Jesus before my old age <Speaking in a slow voice with emphasis>.”

Rev. Dr. Antoine RUTAYISIRE advised the public talk attendees as well as saying all Rwandans chase dreams and dream big.
“This is what you can see in America: you will hear an American saying: ’Think bg, Dream big! The sky is the limit!’ and it is true. Everything in America is big. If you go to Los Angeles you will find 29 cars traveling a one-way road. They think and achieve big.”

Rev. Dr. Antoine RUTAYISIRE besides being a senior pastor at the Anglican Church of Rwanda, a man whose expertise in various sectors of life including leadership, is also the University of Rwanda’s alumni who often comes to hold talks with students.

By Pheneas SEBEZA