”You sit here at the university because of people who sacrificed their lives” – RPF Chairperson


Leading Rwanda’s party, Rwanda Patriotic Front’s (RPF) General assembly at the University of Rwanda, Huye campus gathered to discuss its origin, the structure at the campus level, values of members, and other key points.

The meeting took place on Wednesday June 8 2022 at UR Huye Campus in the room known as Audi-Lèvesque.

Before conversations, they started with a well-known Kinyarwanda-Swahili song ‘Sisi wenyewe,’ which loosely translates to ‘Ourselves.’ They were singing that they must be self-reliant in building Rwanda. After the motivating song, they have sung RPF’s song ‘FPR Umuryango w’Abanyarwanda’ which means that RPF is Rwandans’ front.

In his message to members and friends of the RPF, Mr. NTAGANZWA Tharcisse, a student and  Chairperson of RPF Task Force  Huye Campus, had elaborated on the RPF’s foundation mission from the former Rwanda Alliance for National Unity (RANU) up to today. RPF was looking forward to having a country of all Rwandans because the country was in the darkest days. Mr. Tharcisse NTAGANZWA urged members and friends of the RPF to build upon their elders’ steps and build the country.

“You sit here at the university because of people who sacrificed their lives. Thus, your parents, community, as well as country, expect a lot of contribution from you. You are not too young to the RPF members when they founded it”.
Again, he reminded them that joining RPF is voluntarily done but blamed the members who don’t contribute as it worthies it.

Derick BAGABO, a student and Advisor in the RPF committee at the campus level explained about values of a loyal member of RPF. He said that the RPF member should be characterized by humanity, integrity, humbleness, attentiveness, love, truthfulness, commitment, and heroism. He said RPF members should have not sacrificed if they had not had these values.
According to Benjamin NIYONDEBA, Vice-guild President and head of Social Affairs in RPF Task force Huye Campus said the structure is built from the highest to the lowest (Campus-member) level.
Jean D’Amour HABIMANA, a student in Political Sciences, and Anitha IRADUKUNDA, a student in the School of Governance and Leadership said about RPF’s General Assembly and their plans.
“I have heard well the origin of RPF and all of its journey up to today with its mission. I re-studied patriotism and I am dedicated to improving our progress by working as a team in unity.”- Jean D’Amour
Anitha said, “I have been an RPF member since my secondary education. So, I continue my willingness. My role as a youth member is to sensitize my fellow Rwandese to join RPF and we keep progress.”
Retired CIP Théoneste BAYINGANA, the security officer at the HUYE Campus said, “I would like to let you know that the development you see today is a result of security. Let all of you keep security as RPF struggled for it.”

Rwanda Patriotic Front at the University of Rwanda, HUYE Campus has organized activities to be completed on a yearly calendar. Among those activities are community outreach (external activities), internal activities (helping the campus community), community work (umuganda) within and outside campus, and cadership as a great annual activity of teaching and receiving oaths of new members.

By Pheneas SEBEZA