‘The new school is waiting for you; the school of real life. You will be judged on deliverables in terms of outputs, productivity, positive social engagement and empathy.’ Prof Lyambabaje , the  Vice Chancellor to graduands.

The mini graduation at the University of Rwanda happenned, after some students who did not get a chance to graduate in august 2021 due to various reasons were given another chance to graduate.

On the 5th  November University of Rwanda held its 7th graduation ceremony, which was held at the university’s Main Auditorium.

Various students from the University of Rwanda ,Huye campus, graduates accompanied with their family and friends, lecturers together with the guest of honor the Minister of Education and the Chancellor, Vice Chancellor, Deputy Chancellors, and six Principals from different University of Rwanda colleges attended this ceremony on the forefront.

Mugwaneza Mutagomwa, who accomplished his PhD degree in Public Health, says this is the highest level of studies and that he is happy for his achievement. He confirmed that he is going to keep on the track of research team with other teachers. He says that for one to reach on this level it requires a certain level of patience and hard work.

Leah Isimbi, a Bachelor Degree holder in finance, expressed her joy for this enormous chance that the University of Rwanda has offered to her and the others who did not graduate in August 2021.

Mentioning how honored it feels to be given another chance to graduate, she expressed gratitude towards this thoughtful gesture on the part of the University of Rwanda.

Madam Chancellor Patricia L. Campbell of the University of Rwanda, who attended the graduation virtually gave her remark to the graduates, and spoke about resilience as what was needed by the students to reach graduation today. She reminded the graduates of how uncertain the future is and how the world is counting on them to save the environment and make the world a better place.

She also acknowledged the government leaders who named her the school’s chancellor, she acknowledged life’s opportunity and encourages the students to use the resilience they have learnt to make the most of their opportunities.

She concluded encouraging them to be confident and to believe that they can succeed in the face of unpredictable challenge and changes.

About 333 students received their diplomas this Friday in the mini graduation ceremony, adding up to 8908 who received their degrees in August this year including 5 who got their PhD, 385 who got their Master’s Degree and 7796 received their Bachelor’s degree.


Author: Daniella Mutamuliza