Genius Africa:’ More people fear speaking in public than death’ Jean Eric Niyitanga

On Monday 1st November, Genius Africa closed the training which was taking places in UR-Remera campus. This was a three day long training from 30th October 2021 to 1st November offered by Genius Africa Consult through UR Career Development Office to around 50 University of Rwanda  students based at Remera campus.

This training titled “The Effective Communication Training” It covered three key elements of communication in the professional world writing, speaking and designing as Jean Eric Niyitanga,  The Genius Africa CEO,  Author, and communication consultant announced to the KAMINUZA Star.

By the training, the trainees gained skills on how to communicate  effectively through writing as the  one of methods that plays key role in communication. This training was done through sessions where the first session enlightened students about the power of writing good documents in a professional world and empowered them about writing skills as it’s identity of the owner.

“Your writing represent you.People meet your documents before they meet you. Make your writing shine bright” Eric said

The Author Jean Eric Niyitanga who facilitated this training added that it equipped the trainees with tools they need to communicate effectively in writing: Principles of writing, Process and different document formats.

The second and third sessions dealt with public speaking and presentation design. According to the organizers, the research shows that big number of people fear having talk in front of public. This forced the Genius Africa to organize this training as the way of sharpening great future communicators.

“Research has found that more people fear speaking in public than death. However, this fear can be overcome by learning some principles, strategies and practice.” The trainer Eric announced.

About presentation design, the trainer skilled and equipped the trainees with the tools they need to design readable and memorable PowerPoint presentation. PowerPoint is common tool for professional presentations, with right skills and strategies, you can take advantage of it and make an impact with your communication.

On the other side of the beneficiaries were excited and enjoying the training as they gained package of skills on how to communicate professionally. This will help them to perform well duties in their respectively careers as communication is regarded as part of life.

“For me as the medical student, it will help me to do good dissertation as I’m heading to finalize schooling. It will also support in my career after courses”. Sandrine Niyonshuti, a level four Medical student who attended the training, said.

Also Janvier was among of the trainees and announced that the training was very interesting as he benefited a lot from it by knowing how to communicate in good way. “Effective communication training was educative and interesting. All the skills I have obtained will help me beyond today and accompany me throughout my career of medicine. Janvier Habiyaremye a 4th- year medical student stated

Both students Janvier and Sandrine confirmed that they are confident and they can deliver speech  whenever  needed.

Genius Africa is an education consulting organization started in 2018 aiming at making education more empowering in Africa through intellectual and Professional development products and services. It was co-founded by late Frank Rubaduka (also founder of Miss Career Africa) and Jean Eric Niyitanga.

They initiated the movement ” Genius Africa “to make education more empowering, relevant and exciting. Genius Africa publishes African personal growth books and consult with authors.

Their first book was “THE 4 Genius Windows: Discovering why you don’t know what you don’t know” released in 2020 co-authored by Frank and Eric. This book made them known by  thousands of people from different countries.

This training is progressive one as it will take part in most of UR campuses. The first round took place in Remera campus but the next one will be held in UR -Huye campus this coming weekend.