‘Unvaccinated won’t enter the campus by fifth October’ Wilson NZITATIRA

The announcement from students Union at the University of Rwanda in Huye campus says that from Thursday, September 30, 2021, students and staff will be vaccinated both doses.

The administration of the University of Rwanda Huye campus announces that the decision was taken to expedite the vaccination and it explains how it will be done.

“There will be no classes on Thursday, we will start to vaccinate the first and second doses for all students and staff. We had been delivering Covid-19 vaccines for recent days but a large number of the students were not vaccinated due to classes which made vaccination on the Huye campus slower and that is why we decided to do it in a special way as soon as possible because even the country wants it to be expedited.” Mr Wilson NZITATIRA, clarified.

He added that students have to benefit this opportunity to get vaccinated as the contamination rate is high.

“More than 6,000 students on campus are numerous and it has been revealed that the risk of contamination was also high in recent days, which is why we set it up for a special day. So they all have to be vaccinated because the unvaccinated ones without clear reasons will not be allowed to enter the campus from 5th October,” He said.

 The Covid-19 vaccination program in Rwanda launched on 5th March this year. The national percentage of Covid-19 full vaccination on 26th September 2021 was 13% equal to one million six hundred thousand and forty people.

In University of Rwanda, Huye campus only one thousand four hundred out of six thousand five hundreds and fifteen students have already been vaccinated first or both doses whereas the staff of the campus remains with eleven unvaccinated personnel. UR Huye campus will be the second one to apply this instruction after UR Remera campus which started on 27th September 2021.