Master’s degree in Media and Communication Studies to be introduced in UR

For the first time, University of Rwanda, is about to introduce Master’s degree in School of Journalism and Communication (SJC) around November, 2021.

The program has been agreed on to be put in place as a way of solving the problem of lecturers’ shortage noticed in UR, especially female ones. It is believed to solve the issue in its first place.

According to the Dean of School of Journalism and Communication, foreign expensive lecturers and students who go for courses abroad and never come back are some of the main reasons that triggered UR to think of this higher education program that is expected to fill the gap.

“Master’s degree will come as a solution to the shortage of lecturers and filling the noticed gap “Dean of the School, said.

Asked about its delay, Dean said “We are waiting to give HEC (High Education Council) the proof of funding, then after it will take some time to verify the given information, and as a result, they will give us accreditation in this month or in the beginning of October”.

Hardly can students leave education topic without commenting on it, hearing this, got them to announce their feeling about the program through Kaminuza Star.

“It is a great and better experience, it will benefit both of us and our brothers. It will no longer require us to apply abroad for acquiring Master’s degree.” Emmy Mutangana, a student in school of Journalism and Communication, level two, announced.

Most of the students considered it an opportunity for them to get the program in Rwanda.

“ We are happy with this master’s program for it is now more closer than ever”  Nadia Uwase, reacted.

The students who will be admitted should have completed their Bachelor’s degree in Journalism or Communication, Mass Communication, Media studies, and Public relations.

The first and second grades class division will be in a high consideration though others are welcome too.

According to the Dean of SJC (School of Journalism and Communication), The Norwegian Program for Capacity Development in Higher Education and Research for Development (NORHED-II) is supporting this Post graduate in Journalism and Communication to start in Rwanda by searching lecturers from different countries comprise of Norway, Uganda, South Africa, and Rwanda.

UR plans  to at least start with 10-15  students either Rwandans or foreigners though these numbers can change accordingly. The courses will be served at Gikondo, Kigali city.