Mental Health Journal Rwanda: ‘Research is not for PhD holders only’


Trainees in Mental Health Journal Rwanda

On this Saturday morning 14th August, Mental Health journal Rwanda on partnership with Center for Mental Health and healthcare students Associations such as Cpsar, RPSA,RMSA,RVCP,RMHNSA, FeelbetterInitiative&OlihealthRwanda and centre for mental health, launched over training for 3Months.

It is training which will enhance research spirit on mental health issues solutions for undergraduate students mainly those from University of Rwanda and building their capacity in research as well.

This training titled “Joint Research and Article writing” regarded as the main weapon for sharpening future researchers as its aims show it and leading to the development of the nation.

Kwizera Rulinda, a founder of Mental Health Journal Rwanda, addressing the trainees.

Talking to Kaminuza Star, Kwizera Rulinda ,founder  of Mental Health journal Rwanda and coordinator of this training, he announced that they believe it will be fruitful training as trainees are showing their willingness to practice what they learnt at the end of training.

“We really hope that this training will be useful for students as they said it was not easy for them to conduct research for the assignments  but at the end of training it will be easier work for them to practice  after courses” Rulinda Kwizera, said.

He added that objective of training researchers on mental health issues, is the reason why they are working hand in hand with students associations which initiated for health’s week.

On other side of trainees, were excited and showing thirst of knowing more about research as the way of sharpening their future as well as preparing to become great researchers.

Some of them talked to Kaminuza Star elaborating how it is going to lead to their skills’ honing about conducting research and  that it will be easy for them to even writing their dissertations before graduating.

“It is a great opportunity for me as Pharmacy student because it will encourage me to conduct research on mental issues and find solution for them as I’m getting ready to finalize my Courses” Honorine KUBWIMANA, a level four student in pharmacy, said.

All UR students from all campuses have equal chances to attend

This training will be taking place in UR-Huye campus but it’s not only dedicated to Huye campus students but also all students from other campus.

Mental health journal Rwanda invited students from other campuses to join them. Janvier Ndizeye, a level three student in Mental health Nursing and also president of Rwanda Health Nursing Association from Remera campus, said that it is great opportunity for him to be the part of the training and he is willing to obtain more benefits from it as research is his daily life task.

‘Research in Rwandan youth is our priority’

Joseph Kalisa, a trainer and Capacity Building coordinator of Center for Mental Health

A researcher and coordinator of Capacity Building for the Sugira Muryango Capacity Project, Joeseph Kalisa , talking to Kaminuza Star , he said that they are working hand in hand with Boston  University and University of Rwanda to build local capacity in doing research in Rwanda and engaging Rwandan youth.

He added that research is not for the PhD holders only  saying “Most of people think that research is for Professors and PhD holders only, so, we want to change this myth by training students on how to conduct research and showing them that there’s much profits in research like gaining skills and making money as well.”

As research is a part of the university student’s assignments when schooling, but also it can be a source of income according to Joseph Kalisa.

“There is much profit in research such as impacting lives through evidence-based  practice and co-researching and students are assured  that this can be done while making money for living as well” Joseph Kalisa, assured.

Guild President, UR-Huye campus

On behalf of UR -Huye campus ,Guild president thanked participants and promised them that they will keep working with Mental Health journal Rwanda in one way or another as the way of preparing future researchers.

Mental health Journal Rwanda is an association aimed at article writing spirit mainly focusing on mental health issues as it was confirmed by Ariel Prince UWIZEYE, one of partners of training and president of Clinical Psychology students association of Rwanda in Huye campus.

This training is progressive one, and it will be done in rounds where first round trainees were 60 and the second round will be the same but trainees will be different. At the end of training the trainees will be certified.