Kwizera Rulinda, a UR clinical psychology student selected from world-class competent Millennium Fellowship applicants

Kwizera Rulinda, a UR level three clinical psychology student that has been selected in Millennium Fellowship .

He was selected from all-over 25,500 Millennium Fellowship applicants to contribute to UN SDGs by enhancing mental health of persons with disabilities.

The UR student in Clinical Psychology , level three, Kwizera Rulinda ,has been admitted and selected on 7th August 2021, from all-over 25,500 Millennium Fellowship applicants and only six percent were selected from 2,200 campuses across 153 nations, according to the committee.

He was selected due to his project about the vulnerable people with disabilities under the name of ‘Persons With Disabilities’ (PWDs) where he aimed at helping out the disabled people in a way of pursuing their dreams as inspiring others who feel inferior and unable due to their disabilities, especially helping them in mental health issues so as to feel capable and share their success stories to inspire their fellow and show them they can even achieve more.

He is thrilled to have been selected from the large number of applicants from several different universities of various countries as well.

Rulinda hopes that it will help him in his career of clinical psychology. “ As a clinical psychology student, the project that I’m pursuing is very related to field and it will reach and help huge population with mental   health issues especially vulnerable ones, the connections will be enlarged and vast experience will be gained.” Rulinda Kwizera, a UR clinical psychology student, said.

Amongst the benefits he will gain from this selection, is gaining a recognition certificate from United Nations Academic Impact (UNAI) and Millennium Campus Network(MCN), and getting his project successfully implemented and positively affect the large number of people.

By this, he finds it, a big win situation to the University of Rwanda (UR) community especially students and recall them to try their best in Millennium Fellowship.

“This could surely help my fellow students from UR by helping them to implement their projects and getting support from mentors and skills from world-class training and even more.”  He said.

He added that students shouldn’t give up on their dreams as he failed for the first time but never stopped until he made it.

“ In 2019, I applied for the first time and didn’t make it to the final stage due to my project wasn’t worth it until I  put much efforts and improved it, then here I am selected, they shouldn’t give up, push harder.” Kwizera, advised.

Millennium Fellowship is a leadership development program that happens on different campuses. The United Nations Academic Impact and Millennium Campus Network (MCN) have made a significant impact to the global people through SDGs where it has equipped students with skills and mentorship to pursue their dreams or project the next level hence  driving the development.