UR Students at improving their welfare through business though studies

Students as young entrepreneurs regardless difference challenges they face with, they try to progress by starting small business basically at UR HUYE campus, though studying full day courses.

By this era of digital world, and this  youthhood age  where everybody tries to be responsible as to make a progress, there some students who try hard to create their own business, even though they face many challenges mainly lack of time for not-studies-related activities but they keep on, because of being thirsty of achieving their dreams.

Aime  TUYISHIME,C.E.O and founder of IHWART

Aime  TUYISHIME is the CEO and founder of IHWART company and also a student in year two pharmacy. He reminded the students that they have time for discovering their talents within themselves and that they don’t have to miss any opportunity that is on their way.

‘’I’ve started this business early, if I was not passionate that time, I would have failed from the very beginning but I kept on to achieve my goals.” Aime TUYISHIME, C.E.O and founder of IHWART, said.

He added that  though they  study a full day program from 8:00 early morning to 5:00p.m, he can manage to find time to develop his business. IHWART is a company which sells artwork and crafts like bangles made of beads and bracelets.

UWIMANA Adore Hope, founder and C.E.O of Adorable Make up

UWIMANA Adore Hope is a make up artist and student in communication, level three, she started make up business in 2019 under the name of ADORABLE MAKE UP when she was in level one.

“The most challenging thing is that people don’t realize how important the make-up business is.”

Although the challenges, Adore Hope says that her business helps her a lot that she no longer ask for money from her parents due to fixing her little basic needs.

The vision for her business ‘ADORABLE MAKE UP’ is to build big company which deals with women’s beauty and cosmetics .

Hope doing a make up for a bride

A department in charge of career guidance reminded their duty to students and encouraged them to come to them as they’ll get some advice towards their business development. Dieudone Nkusi, a career guidance director, said that they do whatever possible to make students aware of their potential basically in business as they base on it by helping those students in need.