Around 300,000Rwf offered by Helping Hand Family Association to poor G.S. Butare Catholic students

Forty poor students of G.S. Butare Catholic supported by Helping Hand Family Association from University of Rwanda, Huye campus by handing them different school materials.

Today, on 29th July, the students of University of Rwanda, Huye campus called   Helping Hand Family, in the faculty of law supported compassionately vulnerable students of G.S. Butare Catholic by giving school materials.

The parents of those students and the heading of G.S. Butare Catholic attended this compassion action prepared by the students from level two, faculty of law.

This association offered different materials valued 300,000Rwf; books, pens, mathematical sets/instruments, and uniforms as big support. Thus, 20 students were given uniforms and others 20 rest given different school materials. Those materials  were given to the poorest students of the school.

The parents of these students showed their bottom emotions to the Helping Hand Family Association by thanking them for their sympathetic activities.

Rehema Uwimana, is one of the parents whose child was supported by Helping Hand Family due to she is a poor and unable to get sufficient materials of her child like books, and uniform.

“Indeed, I’m very glad to have this time of supporting my child. To get school materials for my child is so difficult even though I try my best, God bless them to their sympathy”, Uwimana told Kaminuza Star.

In addition, she told us that it is not the first time to be supported because she was once hospitalized and sympathetic people brought her food.

Some students who were supported by Helping Hand Family in both secondary and primary were extremely happy.

They said that they are going to study well due to school materials they are given.

“ The love they [helping hand family] showed me, will encourage  me to step in their footprint so as to show it in return to my comrades” Alexandre Habineza, one of the supported  students, said.

The organizer, inventor and head of Helping Hand Family, Gentil Rwikaza told KS that helping does not require having much, or being rich in order to do so.

Additionally, he said that helping hand family hasn’t occurred for last three months this is our first action we come up and we will go ahead doing.

“Once you didn’t get chances to be helped, you never know the value of helping, this helping we engage in, helps to manage our money and spend them on crucial things like helping poor. I’ve experienced that situation.” said Jamilah Namukasa, one of the supporters.

G.S. Butare Catholic teachers and head teacher were happy and amazed by those UR students who thought, organized and practiced the activity.

“It seems that if they are doing this helping activity while still at school, without having much, they will be doing more in their time of having much more” said head teacher, Mr. Danny Byiringiro.

The helping hand family, started to operate in UR recently and call upon other members who are so serious to join, but with sympathy. It is not depending on any church, all of the Christians and Islam are there.