Entertainment is missed in UR_ Huye campus

Huye Campus

University community becomes thirsty for the entertainment shows when reminiscing the nostalgic moments of partying. This rises the bar of missing the moments.

The former National University of Rwanda(UNR) used to be the place where the countrywide entertainers called home, but it’s never the same.

As UNR changed to UR, a lot of things changed with the inclusion of hosted shows in Main Auditorium that used to take place. Now students claim to lack those relaxing activities that used to help them in their daily basis lectures as a way of relaxing after a long day learning schedule.

“It’s as if things have fallen apart since we don’t find any entertainment shows like it used to be, it will be hard for  having an aspiring entertainment on the nationwide level, since it is hardly achieved by starting with UR, we really miss to have fun”. Felix Ndacyayisenga, a Law student in UR level two, said.

Though students claim this, they also recognize that the pandemic is still there and the preventive measures should be applied too, so that covid 19 cannot surge due to the shows, rather following the measures can be done without forgetting the enhancement of the entertainment activities as it was before, when UR was the spotlight of musicians, comedians and other entertainers all over the country. He who shone in Main Auditorium, did so nationwide.

By that, students have some suggestions to the respective leaders in charge.

Jacques Kefa, is one of the journalism students in level two, said “Leaders of university should think about how to strengthen entertainment  because this University of Rwanda is considered as the root and the mirror of entertainment in Rwanda. We are humbly asking leaders in charge of sports and culture to develop entertainment activities in our University, it will help students and brand University’s logo all over the world.”

Not only the students who enjoy these activities that claimed, but also those who play their role in entertaining the students have a take on this. Kaminuza Star talked to some artists mostly musicians.

One of the female rappers and student in Law level two , Edith Mugiraneza  also known as Mufan said that after being admitted in University of Rwanda ,Huye campus, she immediately thought that she was going to be a super star , this is because she was informed that Huye campus enhances students’ talents . But she got amazed after experiencing the situation that she never expected before.

Mufan,a rapper

Mufan told Kaminuza Star that entertainment should be back in University because it is main weapon to reduce unemployment problems in country hence they can earn money from it. She also said that especially women should be supported in order to have self- confidence.

Mufan suggested that those in charge of entertainment should plan events like talent shows to detect those talents which are in University.

Students should make first step

Miss Michelle Iradukunda is a Rwandan journalist who attended Miss Rwanda in 2009 and became in first five positions. She was crowned the First Runner-Up position in Miss Campus 2010 in Former National University of Rwanda, she said that at the times, students used to put more efforts in organizing parties via Radio Salus.

“We were committed to enhancing the entertainment activities that contributed to the rise of our talents as we used to organize some competitions like Miss Campus, now, students have to do the same as it helps a lot.” Michelle Iradukunda, said.

Michelle Iradukunda, the First Runner-Up in Miss Campus 2010 in Former National University of Rwanda and a journalist at the moment.

Vice Minister of Sports and Culture in University of Rwanda, Huye campus , Theophile MUGIRANEZA SHEMA said that since the National University of Rwanda changed into different campuses ,governance was changed  and most activities got affected also  entertainment  is one of those. However, he assures the solution about the case.

“We are working on it where we support each and every talent in one way or another.”

He added “Actually due to Covid-19 everything went wrong and entertainment as well, it was affected but we didn’t give it up. We are encouraging students to work hand in a hand to support each other and University of Rwanda is there for them.

He concluded encouraging students to stick on collaborating as it may even lead to their benefits and a country generally.

“Let’s work together to rise up again the flag of entertainment in University of Rwanda, it will benefit us and whole country.” Theophile MUGIRANEZA SHEMA, Vice Minister of Sports and Culture in University of Rwanda, Huye campus, said.

University of Rwanda changed into different campuses  in 2013, most of activities were affected without forgetting the entertainment.

Will entertainment be back and people enjoy as it was before ?