Vice Chancellor, Prof Alexandre Lyambabaje, aims at strengthening sports in UR.


5th June 2021 was a special day to UR community.

Vice Chancellor, Prof. Alexandre Lyambabaje had a round talk to reveal his intentions on University of Rwanda as he holds all due responsibilities as a new Vice Chancellor of University of Rwanda(UR).

As talked to Radio Salus, Vice Chancellor revealed to the rebuke of Sports in the University. He said that he walked around the campus, particularly Huye and he found sport is rarely done while students are mostly used to sports.

“I went around all the pitches and I didn’t see enough number of students doing sports, it’s a big problem that even affects the academic results and the future of the country”. UR Vice Chancellor, said.

Vice Chancellor announced to reflect on sports in University of Rwanda by communicating with some University officers to help with coaching.

“We plan to talk to some of the officers in University, to help the players of each sport, we will also find some professional coaches to help them with honing their talents”.

Kaminuza Star talked to some students to hear from their views on sports in  the University.        Jean Munyankindi, a student of Law and a footballer said that players are not taken care of in terms of diet and well-being.

He complained,” players are taken like other students, they don’t even mind that our body uses a lot of energy that needs some recuperation, we normally need to take a good diet but we don’t find any. This is a problem to our health and talents.”

The equipment and facilities was another issue of which students think as a way of undermining sports activities  in University of Rwanda. The students reveal that they provide themselves a ball to play whereas the campus has a lot of balls that are just stored.

“You see that we are playing an old ball, it’s ours. To access to equipment is so hard and the sports in charge official doesn’t do his job properly so that he provides some balls”. Said  Couronne Mushyitsi, a footballer of year two in department of Journalism and Communication. He added that their pitch is not well maintained.  “It has long glasses which is not favorable”.

Emmanuel Urinzwenimana, a political Science student predicts that sports in University of Rwanda is going to return in a well-organized way since Vice Chancellor is a such keen leader on Sports. ” I hope that my young brothers will enjoy the improvements of Vice Chancellor especially in Sports, he is a good man and he likes sports as well, so it’s going to be very fantastic”.

The students approved that sportsing helps them in academics, honing their  talents as well as having a healthy soul.

Vice Chancellor prof. Alexandre Lyambabaje succeeded Dr Phillip Cotton as Vice Chancellor of University of Rwanda.