Skills Rwanda at boosting job opportunities for UR’s students and graduates.


On Thursday 20th May, some UR students from different campuses and graduates attended a virtual program prepare by skills Rwanda, which is owned by  Rwanda Development Board (RDB)to spread job opportunities and internships to the respective careers.

Kaminuza Star talked to some attendees and provide that they had got a surely job opportunity and field or experience in career. Innocent Izampabyose , a UR student at Rwamagana campus in school of nursing revealed his expectations over it.” It will help me to get connected to different employers as well as getting experience”

Lydia Ingabire, a lobor market matching specialist in RDB, particularly in its Chief skills office explained it via phone interview. She said” it’s a program owned by RDB, and it is designed for graduates to get connected to employment, as well as getting skills in different professions through internships”.

She also pointed at the issue of job scarcity and limited connection between Employees and employers and ensured Skills Rwanda to handle them as long as applicants increase, ” Skills Rwanda helps with matching the applicants to the employers, like when a certain Boss requests an employee or interns, he approaches us and help him with choosing the appropriate applicants by checking their provided details in our data base”

The students also were recommended to follow its media platforms as the program plan to grant different sessions both online and live seminars. “It will facilitate me to get linked to employers and job areas as well as enhancing my experience via internships”. Said Clemantine Mukayisenga, a UR student,reacted.

Lydia Ingabire revealed that students can benefit from being volunteers during holidays. She said “they can know some companies that are looking for volunteers, after volunteering they can probably get employed”

The program took place virtually from 16:00pm to 17:10, the attendees were given clarifications and questioned for any confusion. This RDB program has gotten around 24 interns and 60% have got employed as board statistics show. The applicants are requested to join by using RDB website;, e-service and then internship. After all, applicants fulfill the form to make them found in Database.