How to access UR online library from anywhere

Since March 16th, all schools and universities including the University of Rwanda have been closed. Most schools and students, not all, have embarked on remote learning as an alternative.

Although studies were suspended, studying and research projects have not been halted. Graduates to be, in final years, who had already started working on their final projects are being facilitated to continue their projects.

Among the facilities, there is a University of Rwanda online library that can be accessed remotely. Initially, the library would only be accessed on UR premises across the country. Now that students study and do their research from their homes, the library was made accessible from anywhere.

The online library compiles some content from physical libraries from all campuses among many other benefits that comes with the internet.

Books and research papers about any discipline available in the university can be accessed. Follow the steps bellow to access the library:

  1. Type “Emerald Insight” in Google search
  2. Select
  3. Select “Register” to add your profile to Emerald insight platform
  4. Fill the form with your personal details (Name and Email address)
  5. Fill in the Organizational Access Number (OAN) when prompted and submit. UR OAN is 338208607829924
  6. You will receive notification of successful registration and a confirmation in your email
  7. Log into your email to activate your Emerald insight profile
  8. Log in the Emerald Insight profile using the email and password that you created during registration to start accessing resource materials.
  9. You will receive a welcome screen with your personal details
  10. Select “My products” to see the subject areas that the UR has paid subscribed to
  11. Select the appropriate discipline from the Emerald Insight collections
  12. You will be presented with an active link with the number of Journals (pieces) in the collection selected.
  13. Select the specific subject area you are interested in. It can be read right away or be downloaded

For further questions or comments, send an email to