Retarded provision of laptops creates overwrought among first-year students

Positivo laptop are usually given to government sponsored students, Net photo

Three months have elapsed since level one students, sponsored by the Government await laptops requisite in their diurnal academic life. As stated by the Dean of studies of the University of Rwanda, these laptops are usually proffered by Rwanda Information Society Authority (RISA) which is in partnership with the University. In light of this delay, the concerned students claim their studies will be hindered.

“To procure an enhanced comprehension of what we study, we need to be able to refer to the internet at all times. This is only possible if we possess not only a device with a search engine but a portable one; reason why at this stage, laptops are considered paramount to our education. So how do we attain our maximum potential without these devices?” Antony Elie Dukorerimana, a student of the Faculty of Journalism and Communication says.

If you were thinking smartphones would do the trick, Antony goes on to explain that as much as these smartphones succor the students, not everyone is able to possess one. In fact, those who possess these devices often refer to them as last resort as they are not as effective as the portable computers.

Antony’s view is seen to be the common view to the haul in the provision of laptops as another student, Bernard Nshimyumukiza expresses his dismay in very analogous terms.

The disconcerting feeling among University students with regards to the delay, was not only based on the use of smartphones instead of laptops but was also seen to encompass the fact that, majority of their bursary is spent printing notes.

The students believe this extra expenditure affects their day-to-day lives more so because their funds don’t match their needs. This would not be the case if these laptops were made available earlier as the notes would be provided in soft copies, saving them more money and time which could be used for other necessary purchases and studying respectively.

Hopefully, the long wait is over as the Dean of Students Welfare, Theresie Nyirahabimana, makes available the deadline for the issuance of portable computers. This deadline is said to be the later days of the month of February as informed by Rwanda Information Society Authority (RISA) who is responsible for the issuance.

The Dean of Students Welfare explained that the delay of laptops is due to the ongoing restoration of the older portable computers wherein majority required new motherboards which had to be imported from other countries. The last students were issued these portable computers in November 2018, which was version POSITIVO i5.

In light of all this, we can only wish that students sponsored by the government receive these computers after the holidays and may their academic performances be positively impacted from thereon. In the last two years, government sponsored students were given laptops 1-2 months after the beginning of academic year. The given laptops are paid back after studies.