Ongoing preparations for the First Trimester Exams

Jeanine Gakwenzire (right) shares a discussion with her colleagues Richard Kwizera (middle) and Jean Baptiste Gisagara in Batiment Central

It is that time of the year again as students are seen to reflect on the first trimester of the academic year, 2019/2020 in light of the upcoming exams scheduled to start Monday, February 10th. As we descend to the University of Rwanda’s Huye Campus, we get some insights on the readying from some of its students.

First was Liliane Mutoni who is in her first year of studying Applied Statistics at the university, whom we met perusing individually in Batiment Central.


Before getting into how she’s gearing up for the exams , she talks on her experience at the university ;

“Given that my courses are now affiliated to the courses I studied back in high school, for instance Mathematics, Economics and Geography, my first year has been  uncomplicated. Besides that, I had people who showed me around the place until I got a hang of what I was signing up for. With regards to the exams, I am pushing myself so I don’t have to retake any courses. Of course there are certain challenges,  among which is the awfully wet weather. It is seen to disrupt the normal course of things as my classmates and I could not honor our meeting today due to the rain. It’s however without a doubt that we’ll find away around it.”

Next, we had the opportunity to talk to Alex Nshimiyimana, a student of Economics in second year.

“The first trimester was relatively good as all my lecturers got to the end of the courses scheduled for this term. We were also fully accessed with assignments and tests. Presently, we are in serious swotting against the exams. As students, we meet amongst ourselves to share what we’ve learned so that by next week, everyone is all set. It’s clear that  we all want to have good results.”

Moving on to Jeanine Gakwenzire, a student in her second year of Law studying with her classmates, this is what she had to say;

Jeanine Gakwenzire (right) shares a discussion with her colleagues  Richard Kwizera (middle) and Jean Baptiste Gisagara in Batiment Central”With regards to the upcoming exams, it is safe to say things are going well. We also completed all our courses so we have a lot to prepare for. Before you came in, we were studying as a group, focused on making the best out of this revision week. I would say the major challenge now is rain. It is especially  inconveniencing when we’re trying to come together for revision given that some of us live on campus and others off campus.”

Finally, we spoke with Jean Baptiste Gisagara second year student of Law. He had this to say;

“The first trimester went generally well. Our lecturers were available on time and we also had a fulfilling Christmas holiday. There was no major botheration during the term. This revision week, I can say we are preparing well though the weather doesn’t give us room for group discussions.”

Overall, we can see the students keeping a positive attitude towards their upcoming examinations even with the challenging weather. Our team wishes good luck to everyone as they strive to make this last trimester worthwhile.