University students requite the community

Generation Amplifiers Group members participating in the monthly Umuganda. Nzeyimana Jean Bosco

“These young students are humble”, said Nkwaya Kamili, inhabitant of Cyarwa cell, one of the localities that surround the university of Rwanda- Huye campus.

This statement was made after a group of youths named, Generation Amplifiers Group (GAG) took part in Umuganda (an incumbent community travail) in Kamili’s locality. The monthly Umuganda embodied the cleaning of streets, the riddance of bushes and the performance of educative theater on the prevention of malaria, which could be seen to have taken a toll on the citizens of Rwanda.

While talking to the Kaminuza Star, Kamili expressed how dazzled he was to see the students of the University of Rwanda vacate their campus and engage in activities that required a lot of elbow grease. Moreover, they engaged in other ministrations such as educative theater and offered insights on Rwanda’s Biomedical Center’s program concerning residual indoor spraying which resulted from a partnership with international organizations, in the bid to end malaria.

Mr Kamili’s words push us to know more about GAG. Generation Amplifiers Group (GAG) Rwanda is a group of Rwandan youths who strive for social changes through mobilization.  They are currently based in the University of Rwandan-Huye Campus and their quest is centered on the delivery of metamorphic messages to the community, through acting. “We do not train these students to forsake the community but we train them to build prosperous and poverty-free communities, reason for our presence today”, said Jean Dushime, the leader of the group, to the members of the community.

Mr Kamili was not the only person who expressed his gratitude towards this group as Munyampeta Frederic, the chief of Agateme village where community work and campaign took place, said in an appreciative tone. “I can only thank you for being part of us today and we hope to see you more often in all other development activities ”.

Rwanda is among 15 countries that are burdened with Malaria in Africa. Groups like GAG are therefore vital to assist in the anti-malaria countrywide campaign themed “Zero Malaria starts with me” which was launched by the Ministry of Health to call for everyone’s role in combating Malaria.