Campus Review: Life at Remera Campus

Formerly known as Kigali Institute of Education (K.I.E.), the Remera campus is one of the campuses of the University of Rwanda. It was again renamed Kigali Health Institute (K.H.I.) after the College of Education was moved to Rukara campus leaving just the School of Health Sciences.

Back in secondary school, our Biology teacher used to tell us that Huye was the only place suitable for University studies because of fewer distractions . Whilst studying at the Huye campus, I thought I had ‘made it in life’. But by the time we moved to the Remera campus, it looked like I was not going to focus on my studies anymore. The campus was located by the road side, with a large traffic flow accompanied by a lot of noise.

However, I was shocked to find that the campus was nothing like I expected. In fact, it is one of the best places for studies in Rwanda. Firstly, it has enough classrooms for all the departments within the campus. Secondly, it has well-equipped laboratories for practicals. It also has a library which is suitable for personal and class research, rooms for either individual or group study. In addition, there are enough dormitories tending to both boys and girls, with all necessities. Affordable accommodation is also available off campus for those who may not want to live within the campus. The campus also has provision for cooked meals through a diner that serves lunch and dinner.

Remera Campus buildings Source: Net Photo

There is also provision for recreational facilities including: a playground, a football stadium, night clubs and bars scattered allover the campus. There is a catholic parish nearby and the Protestant Unit is on campus implying that everyone can  pray following his Christian denomination. The administrative offices are also open to  students who want to talk to their lecturers during working hours.

Regina Pacis Catholic Church, Remera

It is often said that people discover their true self in their twenties. I’ve seen many skills develop in students on this campus such as in the areas of photography, business, music, drama and so much more. It looks as though the academic milieu gives the student the platform to develop and expose their talents and this is what our world today wants education to be like. Ever been to Remera campus? If you haven’t. And you want to explore and experience this once in a lifetime opportunity, join me on this campus and you will never regret your choice.

Blandine Kantarama studies Ophtamology at Remera campus. As an aspiring writer, her pieces can be found on her blog.