Rwandan envoy thanks Swedish volunteers for contribution

Sweden has been sending volunteers to Rwanda during the last four years. The volunteers were recognized and thanked by the embassy of Rwanda to Nordic countries. 

It was during a reception held in Sweden in December last year that the volunteers who have been coming to Rwanda to train students were honored. Twenty-one of the volunteers received certificates of acknowledgement.

The volunteers are experienced international journalists from Sweden invited through a partnership between Sweden’s Fojo Media Institute and University of Rwanda.

Rwanda’s Ambassador to Nordic countries, Christine Nkulikiyinka, expressed gratitude to the group of Swedish volunteers who have been working with University of Rwanda’s School of Journalism and Communication (SJC) since 2015.

Swedish radio journalist Tomas Jennebo received his certificate from ambassador Christine Nkulikiyinka and Fojo head of international development programmes Katarina Zwinkels.

The Ambassador recognized their work and invited them again to Rwanda. She also reflected upon some differences between living in Sweden and in Rwanda, which Anki Wood, the Programme Manager, said were “found interesting.”

Speaking about their experience in Rwanda, the volunteers said they will always cherish their time at SJC and keep in touch with some of the people they met and worked with.

“Coming to Rwanda was my best experience. I got in touch with people, teachers and students. If I had a chance to come back, I would not hesitate,” says Tomas Jennebo, one of the volunteers.

In 2015, SJC and Fojo Media Institute, started the four-year capacity building partnership. The development program was namely about exchanging knowledge through scholarships, training and funding. Under this partnership, Fojo has sponsored different SJC projects geared toward helping lay a firm foundation for the future of Rwandan media.

Article co-written with Dieudonne Manirakiza