UR-Gikondo students weigh in on proposed relocation

University of Rwanda (UR). Photo/File

A while back students at University of Rwanda-Gikondo campus were informed about a planned relocation of the undergraduate students to other campuses, especially the Huye campus. This is part of continued restructuring that kicked off with the merger of seven public institutions of higher learning back in 2013 with the creation of the University of Rwanda (UR).

The merger saw the relocation of several colleges and schools to new sites, including some of those presently at the Gikondo campus in the capital Kigali, with some schools having previously moved from Huye in Southern Province.

The Kaminuza Star through a vox pop spoke to several students about the pending relocation for their views.

Nicole Giraneza

Nicole Giraneza, Second year student, School of Journalism and Communication (SJC)

“It is not a good idea for SJC students because it will be hard to get internship once we are out of Kigali. There is only one media house in Huye and it cannot accommodate everyone. Besides, not all of the SJC students will not be attached to broadcast media.  In Kigali it is also easier to practice media while still a student which wouldn’t be the case in Huye. I would appeal to management to not only look at the interest of University but also think about students,their studies and welfare.”

Moses Bahati

Moses Bahati, first year student, SJC

“The planned relocation is bad news for me because I joined Gikondo campus due to its favourable environment. To move elsewhere will pose a challenge on my part. It might affect my studies.  Authorities should thoroughly look into this issue before taking a final decision.”

Velonic Kamaraba, first year student, School of Law

“If it were up to me I would choose Gikondo over Huye because the former offers a better learning environment. It will be tricky for me to adjust but I have no choice, I am not the one who makes decisions.”

Marie Claire Mukanoheli

Marie Claire Mukanoheli, BS Accounting student

“I think relocation will mean that some of the private students will drop out or join other universities around. This is because some of us walk from home to school and back because its more affordable than staying at a hostel.  I am one of those who could move to another university once the relocation takes effect.”

Donatha Niyonkuru

Donatha Niyonkuru, Law student

“I think the Law students will be affected as a result. Most courts and professional bodies are based in Kigali and moving away from them takes away something. We will end up spending a lot in terms of transport between Kigali and Huye because there are services you can’t find in Huye to facilitate our learning, for instance internship. I think relocation is not a good idea.”

Elyse Irikumwenatwe

Elyse Irikumwenatwe, second year student, SJC 

“I don’t care if we move to Huye or not because I have realised that this is not something that’s subject to inputs from students but simply a decision that we will have to follow. I will try to adapt accordingly, what matters to me is to learn.”

Jean de Dieu Murwanashyaka

Jean de Dieu Murwanashyaka, third year student, Communication

“I think it’s great news that we are moving back to Huye because there is a radio station there that was started by the School of Journalism and Communication a while back and which is currently not benefiting us as students. We will be able to use the radio (Salus) to practice what we learn and get used to the profession early enough.

Secondly, Huye has adequate accommodation facilities and the learning environment is conducive as opposed to Gikondo.

There are some who don’t like the idea of moving but why didn’t they complain when the school was transferred from Huye to Kigali a couple of years ago? I think some students just want to stay in the capital city but that cannot be the overriding factor while weighing the merits and demerits of relocating back to Huye.”

Yves Kwizera

Yves Kwizera, Law student

“It is a good idea to move back to Huye because Huye campus has more facilities than Gikondo. Gikondo lacks in almost every area, from hostels to classrooms and seats. I think in Huye, students will gain more stability and access more facilities.”













Nicole Giraneza a second year student said that relocation to Huye is not a goodideas as future journalists for it will be difficult to get internship. “There is only on mediahouse in Huye,and it’s time for our internshipare we going to work on radio all of us?how about those of us who want to work on radio? Well i don’t gree with this idea of relocating us as our media life is in Kigali not in Huye”said Nicole. They should not only lookfor the interest of university of Rwanda but also think about students, their studies and welfare.

Yves KWIZERA a student of law

“it is a good ideas to move to Huye for it decrease chaos ,this school Gikondo have no hostels ,insufficient chair in classes ,i think if we move to Huye it will help me to learn more better than today  ,more classes ,we will not be changing classes as we do today .“Yves insisted.


BAHATI Moses a first year student in SJC

If they do a relocation it will be a bad thing for me because i applied to learn at Gikondo for it was a favorable environment for me, so hardly i m going to adapt the changes and it is going to affect my studies ,they should think twice before they move the school.


Velonic KAMARABA a student n law

It s too hard for me to change environment but i have to adapt nothing i can do as i am not the one who decide, but if it is a matter of choice Gikondo is a better pace than Huye when it comes to learn.

Marie Claire MUKANOHELI student in Finance also a self-sponsored said that this will make some to drop school for lack of money. For example, i travel from home up to here on foot but i managed to make it. But they move school, it is too hard to get tuition fees and food plus rent.

Donatha NIYONKURU a student in Law

Our issue can be justified don’t the government see that all laboratories, court and other agencies is here in Kigali what are going to learn in Huye, this  will be a money wastage in transport to come back in Kigali. what about training and internship? Relocation will be a bad thing to us.



I don’t care if we move to Huye or not because i have seen that it is not an argument for us students to choose but a rule to follow. I will manage to adapt myself for i have nothing to change. For me i don’t care what i want is to learn.


Patrick  horeb


It is not going to affect anything to my studies only that it will not be easy to adapt the new environment.