Students not happy with bursary

Various students at University of Rwanda complain on living allowances they get monthly saying that Rwf 25,000 is not enough to afford all necessities comparing to market situations. 

1Athanase Munyarugendo

First year student at School of Journalism and Communication:

“The monthly living allowance is too little compared to the standards of living here at school. It is not enough for feeding, paying for our accommodation and catering for other needs such as printing assignments. They should give us at least Rwf40,000.”

Denise Nzamwitakuze

Student at the College of Education:
“I live a life of hand to mouth. I always thank God every time I get something to eat because I never know when I’ll get my next meal. The government should increase the money up to Rwf 40,000. It is hard to concentrate on studies when you are constantly thinking of where and how to get money to cater to the living expenses.”

2Sarah Uzamuranga

Student at College of Business and Economics:
“Living standards are increasing on a daily basis and the monthly allowances have been 25,000 for over 10 years now. Things are now more expensive compared to previous years and we cannot afford the university expenses with that money. The monthly allowances should be increased according to the present living standards.”

3Patrick Mutabazi

Second year student in ICT at Huye Campus:
“I spend all the money on rent. I barely have money for the basic needs like food and transport, I walk two kilometres daily from where I live to campus. The bursary we receive from the government is a loan which we will eventually pay back, hence I don’t see why the government cannot allocate a monthly allowance that can cater for our needs.”

4Dan Mbarushimana

Second year student at College of Business and Economics:
“The money is insufficient for students comparing with the current market realities. Government should consider the various dynamics that have come into play from the time the allowances were set until today. The bursary is too little.”

5Moise Leon Minani

Fourth year student in College of Education:
“Rwf25,000 is monthly transport fare some of us spend to attend classes. The amount can’t help us meet our necessities. Thus, we struggle to find other ways we can earn money.”

6Jean Bosco Nziza

Third year student in civil engineering at College of Science and Technology:
“I do not have parents to cater for my needs so all the responsibility is on my shoulders. The government should calculate the cost of living in Kigali and provide us with a fair allowance. This would make our lives better and our grades would improve.”