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Monday, February 26, 2024

How far with efforts to discover COVID-19 vaccine?

All hopes are being pinned on developing a vaccine against a virus that is bringing the world almost to a standstill. The coronavirus pandemic has...

Internet charges waived for students amidst COVID-19 lockdown

Internet has been made free for students to be able to access online resources that are available to facilitate the students to go on...

Dr. Muligande allays fears over internet access for UR students amidst shift to e-learning

Dr. Charles Muligande- the Deputy Vice-Chancellor in charge of Institutional Advancement of the University of Rwanda (UR), on March 23, calmed fears over internet...

COVID-19: Businesses suffer due to closure of UR- Huye campus

There are several businesses near the campus that have students as their target customers. From restaurants to barber shops, The Kaminuza Star took a peek on how businesses are being affected by the campus’ shut down.

Students skeptical about E-learning amidst Coronavirus pandemic

In the beginning of this week, when every institution was issuing communiqués about their new measures in their working way to combat Coronavirus, a...

Huye: On the first Sunday after Rwanda confirmed coronavirus

When Rwanda declared extraordinary times, after recording the first coronavirus case, I wondered what Huye town would look like. The next morning, I went out to see.

UR suspends teaching activities due to COVID 19

University of Rwanda has suspended teaching activities from March 16-30. The move comes in line with the Government of Rwanda’s new measures to contain...