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Friday, April 3, 2020

COVID-19: Businesses suffer due to closure of UR- Huye campus

There are several businesses near the campus that have students as their target customers. From restaurants to barber shops, The Kaminuza Star took a peek on how businesses are being affected by the campus’ shut down.

Students skeptical about E-learning amidst Coronavirus pandemic

In the beginning of this week, when every institution was issuing communiqués about their new measures in their working way to combat Coronavirus, a...

Huye: On the first Sunday after Rwanda confirmed coronavirus

When Rwanda declared extraordinary times, after recording the first coronavirus case, I wondered what Huye town would look like. The next morning, I went out to see.

UR suspends teaching activities due to COVID 19

University of Rwanda has suspended teaching activities from March 16-30. The move comes in line with the Government of Rwanda’s new measures to contain...