UR-Huye: Shooter Man Empire to become a solution to Huye artists

Rapper musician and video producer Samuel Cyizere  popularly known as Shooter Man, aims at becoming a solution to Huye district artists, after launching his own music production company namely Shooter Man Empire. His music label was launched in Tumba sector in June 2023.

This upcoming musician, Shooter Man, is currently a student at University of Rwanda-Huye Campus, in year 2, department of Translation and Interpretation. As he said, he launched this label to reduce a long journey made by some artists from Huye to Kigali searching production companies to help them. In his studio where he said, he has enough materials, they produce audio and videos.

Allelua Igiraneza, a UR-Huye student and Shooter Man’s classmate explained how he knows him and his project.

“I study in the same class with Shooter Man; so, I know more about him. Some know that he is an artist and music producer only, but what I can add on is that he is also photographer.  About the studio of Shooter Man Empire, I went there and found that he has enough materials. The studio is the solution to musicians used to go long journey from here to Kigali [searching music production companies to work with]”, said Igiraneza.

Shooter Man expects his company to expand after finishing his bachelor’s degree studies in UR-Huye campus.

“This Label is serious; it is going to support musicians from Huye in form of audio and video production. I remain one year here studying at university, but at the end of studies, it will be better than today, because I will have enough time to focus on my company.  We will have branches in different places because we do as a business not enjoyment,” he said confidently.

Talking to The Kaminuza Star, this rapper musician mentioned that his music production company has already signed a contract with two artists Prelude Kamatari known as ‘Wakii’ and Jean Luc Ntawigira known as ‘Zarao’

Some musicians who work with Shooter Man Empire explained roles of this company and how it works.

“Shooter Man Empire is a studio which is supporting the students at University of Rwanda, Huye campus; not only students, but also those who come from different places in Huye. When it opened, I went there, after negotiation, I released my first song which is called ‘ Vibes’. so, I hope that future is better than past or today,”  Wakii said.

Most of the people who know Shooter Man are those studying in university of Rwanda, especially in Huye campus. Some of them compare his voice with the one of Jay Polly, a Rwandan rapper who died in 2021.

Being asked about his songs, Shooter Man said “Ooh my music is now on a good standard because I have my own studio. Although I am managing this label, I don’t forget to release my songs. My songs are there on my YouTube channel called Shooter Man Empire, which is a channel of all members. Today i do as I can in order to give my fans what they want”.

Songs produced by Shooter Man Empire include Umusozi by Shooter man, Vibes by Shooter man ft Vocal King & Wakii, Party by Shooter Man ft Kawaida among others.

This musician and video producer dreams that his label will be among the bests about music production and promotion. His studio is located in Tumba Market. On his social media, he is called Shooter Man Empire.

By Jean Harerimana