UR-Huye: Warm welcome of artist Bosco Nshuti, in RASA Concert

UR-Huye students who attended a three-day concert excitedly welcomed gospel artist Bosco Nshuti in concert prepared by Rwandan Anglican Student Association (RASA).

This event in which Nshuti along with other choirs performed, took place in UR-Huye stadium from July 14 to July 16, 2023.

During the performance of Bosco Nshuti, on second day of concert, students stood in excitement to sing and worship with him. The most celebrated song was “Yanyuzeho”.
“I love Bosco Nshuti, he is a good artist. The most song I like is Yanyuzeho, I feel it was done for me, it excites me so much. Actually it is the best among his good songs,” Kanyambo Jeanine, a year two student in faculty of Translation and interpreting excitedly said.

Kwizera Pacifique, a student in faculty of finance, also appreciated performance of the artist, and thanked organizers of the concert.
“Bosco Nshuti is one of the artists who have good gospel songs like ‘Ni Muri Yesu’. I appreciate RASA for preparing this event,” he said.

Sezerano Albertine claim that it was lucky for her to be in the concert because she enjoyed songs especially those of Nshuti Bosco. Apart from songs, she said that she learned the true source of happiness.
In his message, Bosco Nshuti told students the true source of happiness. For him, even when people are sick, poor, and have no primary needs, Jesus is the true source of happiness.

It was not the first time for Nshuti to come in University of Rwanda, Huye Campus because as he said, he was there in 2022.
“I was here last year before marriage, I praise the Lord who did a good marriage ceremony for me,” he said.
Nshuti Bosco is known for many songs including Ni muri Yesu, Yanyuzeho, Ni yo yadukunze, Nzamuzura, Rurahebuje among others.

President of RASA, Nizeyimana Frédéric said that this concert had the purpose of reminding people that if they continue in the word of Jesus, they will truly be Jesus’s disciples; and they will know the truth, and the truth will make them free.
The theme of three days concert found in John 8: 31-32 “The truth that sets free”.

Others ministries performed in this concert are Shalom Worship team Remera, Ahava ministry, Pishon worship team, Voice of Hope Worship, Boaz choir, Rangurura choir, Gisubizo ministry, Singiza music ministry, Enihakole choir, Kubwubuntu choir and Le Bonne Nouvelle Choir.

By Jean Bosco Niyonteze