How important is Arboretum Forest to Huye community

Even though summer hotness is harsh, when arriving in some parts of Huye district, you are welcomed by the fresh air, this is near Arboretum Forest, home to the biodiversity.

As green plants are mostly said to play a vital role to biodiversity, Arboretum forest is one the nature which contribute to the community around; in its absence, Huye residents are aware of what would happen.
As we stepped up and down the road around Arboretum forest in Butare cell, Ngoma sector, Huye district, people have mentioned that the forest is very useful to residents around.
“It is very big forest that protects biodiversity, keeps different animals such as antelopes and monkeys and producing oxygen to breath. I mean it makes people relax peacefully”, Anicet Kamanzi said.

“It also attracts rain; farmers grow their crops appropriately. This forest beautifies our town and place around. We always find people visiting the forest to enjoy this attractive nature”, he added.

Meanwhile, people say that they must protect the forest because they know if it disappears people would face negative effects resulting from climate change.

“We all know that if time comes and make the forest to disappear, people would lose the pretty nature and tending to desertification”, Marie Agnes Kamaliza said.

Arboretum Forest is home to the biodiversity

This is emphasized by Minister of Environment, Dr. Jeanne d’Arc Mujawamariya, who on March 13, 2023 Common Wealth Tree Planting Day, requested the people lasting cooperation for sustainable environment through tree planting.

“All Rwandans as [We belong to] country members in Commonwealth, we must keep protecting environment. Continuously, lets protect trees we have planted to day in Arboretum Forest of University of Rwanda”, She requested.

“Arboretum Forest is regarded as lung of Huye because it is in the middle of Huye district, forest for research and plant seed preparation. It is safeguarded because Rwanda deserve the bests”, she added.

Arboretum Forest is located at Ruhande and counted for having over 3000 types of trees. It is now under management of Rwanda Forestry Authority and sponsored mainly by Commonwealth Queen Canopy Project. The forest is also a center for plant-related research, plant seeds preparation, and medical tests. The residents around are proud of it as they benefited from it since 1934, the time for its cultivation.

By Modeste Ukwishaka and Evode Blaise Imanirakoze