UR-Huye : Over 3000 trees planted on Commonwealth tree planting day

Commonwealth diplomats in Rwanda and government officials in partnership with Rwanda Forest Authority, a firm which manages Arboretum Forest, has on March 11, 2023 joined Huye residents and planted over 3000 trees for Commonwealth tree planting day.

The event considered as community work (umuganda) and was held in Arboretum Forest surrounding University of Rwanda Huye Campus. The crew was consisted of Commonwealth diplomats in Rwanda and officials from Ministry of Environment and Ministry of Youth and Culture. There were also Huye residents basically University and secondary school students.

Above 3000 trees were planted in Arboretum Forest which was dedicated to Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy, the initiative which aims to preserve forests amongst Commonwealth.

Above 3000 trees were planted in Arboretum Forest

The attendance was very good

Some student attendees expressed how important as to be a part of planting trees tending to be pathway of protecting environment in future.

Emmanuel Nsanzimana is a student from School of Languages at University of Rwanda Huye Campus.

“Is a great and special day for me because I have contributed to cater the problems hindering Rwanda in general. This day will be a role model specifically for the youth. It will show their role and many people in all areas of the country should get inspired by planting trees due to the activity”, he said.

Belize Umwari from Faculty of Crop Production in UR said: “For the youth, it is highly valuable, because there are some trees that have been extincting. We prefer to reforest them so that they will contribute in provision of oxygen and rainfall process. As a backbone of the country youth are supposed to plant and protect trees for national development.  For instance in parks trees play as habitat of animals”.

Belize kept tackling about taken home assignment of protecting a tree anywhere it is. The initiative is basically youth’s concern as their positive turning point in future to avoid constant extinction of some trees.

Minister of Environment, Dr Jeanne d’Arc Mujawamariya, who has named the day, “a sustainable tree planting day”, has requested attendees the lasting partnership for sustainable environment.

“All Rwandans as [we belong to] country members in Commonwealth Organization, we must keep protecting the environment. Continuously, let protect the trees we have planted today in Arboretum Forest of University of Rwanda”, she requested.

She added “[Arboretum Forest] is regarded as ‘lung of Huye’ because it is in the middle of  Huye district, a forest for research and plant seeds preparation. It is safeguarded because Rwanda deserves the bests. To have more youth attended tree planting indicated that they have comprehended the government policy of environment protection and welfare. Better future is or the youth from today past and future”.

Minister Mujawamariya delivering a speech 

The attendees were university and secondary school students

The Commonwealth Queen’s Canopy Project was in 2015 launched by late Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth.

Arboretum Forest is located at Ruhande and is counted for having over 3000 different kinds of trees. It is now under management of Rwanda Forest Authority and sponsored mainly by Commonwealth Queen Canopy Project. The forest is also a center for plant-related research, plant seeds preparation and medical tests. The residences around are proud it as they benefited from it since 1934, the time for its initiation.

By Aimable Ishimwe