Millennium Fellowship announces selected students

A University of Rwanda student,  Emmanuel Manirarora  selected for Millennium Fellowship class of 2022 among 3000 applicants from 207 campuses around the World.

On Tuesday,9  August 2022, a University of Rwanda student from School of Journalism and Communication communicated as one of selected students.

In an interview with The Kaminuza Star, Manirarora expresses his feelings that he did not believe that he will make it, but now he shares his feelings as he receives the good news.

“Nobody can fathom the deep happiness I am experiencing. Many times, what we do not believe come true before our eyes. To be quite frank, I did not believe that I can be selected from over 30,000 applicants”,  He remarks.

The selection was based on the submitted projects of each applicant. The selected Millennium Fellowship applicants are those who submitted outstanding development projects.

Manirarora submitted a project titled ‘Fighting Youth Unemployment’ and was one of the fantastic development projects selected. The project is all about fighting youth unemployment as it is one of the biggest issue in the country and can be the best indicator of growing economy of the country by creating new jobs to young people through creativity and innovations.

He continues saying the selection of his project is a cornerstone for his future undertakings.

“How can I not be thrilled by the fact that I have competitive skills? Does this selection not testify the great Nelson Mandela’s words to be true: That ‘It seems as impossible until it is possible’? My project selection revolutionized my thinking habit. From now I do believe that everything is possible”, He confirms.

Millennium Fellowship class of 2022 is a very competitive one because it was one of the classes that had many applicants.

Millennium Fellowship is a leadership development program that happens on different campuses. Millennium Campus Network (MCN) and United Nations Academic Impact partnered to present the Millennium Fellowship class of 2022. The objective of Millennium Fellowship is to advance leadership skills for undergraduate students on university campuses World-wide. The partnership started in 2018 and has improved all 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) globally.

By Yunusu Dukorerimana