UR Huye re-enjoys a talent show after  Covid-19

Huye Campus traditional dancers during a stage

Thirsty performance has held in University of Rwanda, Huye campus. This event had been previously  performed the same time  in 2019 due to pandemic  issues.

It is a show organized by the University administration with the cooperation of the students who have these talents so that they entertain their colleagues because they have been asking for it several times. In this show, there were talks about preventing unwanted pregnancy and some of the students’ testimonies who passed through the same experiences were given which provided some skills to the students who has attended.

In an interview with The Kaminuza Star, Gisa Uwambayinema, a traditional dance student in ‘Indangamuco’ Troop and  attended the university after the pandemic, expresses her feelings about the show: “Very often we wanted to see how the talents are displayed in the university because we came after the covid 19 pandemic and got performances similar to those in the university. This is an opportunity for us because it had almost been three years without enjoying the talents.”


Rutaysire Jean Claude, Vice Minister of Culture and Associations in URSU say  more about this event: “Yes, this was the best time to rekindle the talents of the students so that the former’s joy in the University of Rwanda can be restored. We are happy that the students have dared to show their talents again to be recognized and give happiness to the fans. The testimony includes advice on our daily life is also very important to this student community.”

In this event, the Campus Administration  has been represented by the Dean of Students Welfare, Mrs Theresie Nyirahabimana. Amazingly, she argued that the talent show would be a weekly event: “Public Talk includes entertainment. It is easier to get students to participate in it unlike if there is no talent show. After organizing a public talk, students did not participate because they said it was boring. We realized that if we continue with this talent show program, it will be attended as before. I ask that those who have talents come to us and know them and they will not show them to us”.

During this event, they also talk on gender awareness and the prevention of unwanted pregnancies among university students. The Dean of Students’ Welfare Campus has also urges the students to prevent themselves from conceiving unwanted pregnancies. She reminds them  that they should be leaders of their lives.

“Life is yours and you must take care of it.  We will advocate for you as parents but the biggest role is yours. We discussed preventing unwanted pregnancy, I ask you to pay attention because you are youngest and do not engage in sexual immorality, you are a lucky generation; you need to make your better future”, She says.

Usually, every Wednesday afternoon, at the University of Rwanda campuses including Huye,  Some of the staff and students make a weekly meeting known as a Public Talk on various topics. It gives hope that what are discussed  help young people to become productive in the society during and after the studies. The talent show has been there before the hardest times of Covid-19 emerged in Rwanda.

By Modeste Ukwishaka & Patrick Niyonkuru