UR and ICK students certified for podcating


On this Friday 7th October Pax Press closed the podcast mentorship training which was going on at ‘Insititut Catholique de Kabgayi’ (ICK) in Muhanga district. It was a five-day long training from 3rd October 2022 to 7th October 2022 offered by Pax Press in partnership with FOJO Media Insititute to around 30 University of Rwanda and Institut Catholique de Kabgayi students.

This is the training dubbed “The podcast mentorship”. It deeply focused on three key steps to the successful podcast as Swedish trainer Tomas Jebben whispered to the Kaminuza Star.

By the training, the trainees got big package of skills on how to operate their own online Radio as the one of main weapon to competes on today’s digital world market. It is training which done through sessions where the first session enlightened and powered the trainees about podcast, what it is and how it normally functions as well as empowering them about managing it.

Mr Tomas who facilitated this training along with Rwandan podcast experienced Merchiore Kayiranga sentenced that the training equipped the attendees with tools they need so as to practice and enhance podcast spirit in this digital world: Tips for professional pod-caster, process and ways to successful online radio. Addressing to the trainees ,Tomas confirmed that this training is opportunity for them so that they should grab them for the sake of their future.
‘’You are lucky as this podcast technology is new in Rwanda, in Sweden we have a lot of online radios not the same in Rwanda so that you should take first step to grab this opportunity on your table and be the pioneers of this innovation journalism career’’, Mr Tomas said.
”This training will enhance podcast spirit and be trigger for the boost of online radios to the undergraduates students mainly those from UR and ICK who trained and building their capacity in radio system as well’’ Tomas added.
On the side of trainees, were very exited and showing thirst of gaining more skills about podcast as we are heading to the totally digital world . Daniel Kwibuka a y year three student in Journalism Department at ICK, declares that this training is the way of sharpening their for future as well as ready to become professional in podcast system and got some connection through that awesome training.

”Actually the training was good for me as I got some connection ,I met with UR students which means, that I obtained new friends. I also think that this training was in need of me and equipped us with needed skills about podcasting which is going to accompany us in our career of journalism’’, Kwibuka announced.
Also Jean de Dieu, a year three student in Journalism Department at University of Rwanda talked to Kaminuza Star that the training was very interesting as he really benefited a lot from it by knowing how to operate podcast and how to manage it as well as making money from it.
Podcast mentorship training was very educative and interesting, all skills I have obtained will guide me beyond today and accompany me throughout my career as tomorrow journalist. I’m ready also to share the skills I obtained in this training to my ‘fellow colleagues who didn’t participated in this training’’, Tumukunde said
In the closing remark Mr Jean Baptiste Hategekimana, the Dean of Journalism faculty at ICK communicated that the Institute thanked all participants of the training and deeply appreciated Pax Preds and FOJO Media Institute who joined their hands to organize the training .
‘’Let me take this time to thank all trainers who worked hard during 5 days so as to provide the newskills to the students and all trainees for their commitment and good conduct they showed up since day one to the last’’, Dean Jean Baptiste said.
In his closing remark speech, dean said that the trainees should share this package of skills to other students who got chance to participate and he also recommended them to become more active professional in their career of journalism mainly in time of uploading on their website. He also reminded them that, the skills the got from the training will be valued on their production not on the certificate they awarded.

At the end of the training all trainees were certified as the sign of empowering them and encouraging them in their career of journalism and communication
Fojo Media institute is Sweden’s leading media development organization ,strengthening free,independent and professional journalism in Sweden and rest of the world. So that it collaborated with Pax Press to organize this training on podcast to around thirty students of ICK and UR students for 5 days.

By Elie Antony Dukorerima