UR-Huye: Agaciro Radio in students’view

Going around the country especially in the public places like markets, bus stops, universities among other places are sonorous speakers usually known as ‘Radio stations i.e. Ikizere Radio, Umwezi Radio…’ In the same way, the University of Rwanda, Huye Campus has the same channel, the renowned Radio Agaciro which the UR community takes very crucial.

Radio Agaciro was started in 2017 by a team of student journalists in partnership with the current Managing Director, Mr. Richard Mbabazi.
Before 2017, according to Mr. Richard Mbabazi, student journalists used to print papers, and attach them on walls for informing the students however they were causing dirtiness. Mr. Richard reveals the improved technology as the result of the establishment of Agaciro Radio because students were no longer interested in reading from walls.

“we established Agaciro radio for prevention of dirtiness which was caused by papers, to boost students’ talents and skills on self-expression, to inform, entertain, and educate the campus community on campus life and other pieces of information,” Mr. Richard says.

University students react differently on the importance of these sonorous speakers. Samantha Umutoniwase, a year two student from the school of Economics says that she doesn’t like that so-called radio. She says that it is too loud and distracting to study independently.

Students criticize the program to lack innovation, arrangement and valuation which affect the quality of the program and good reception of audience: “Yes. this radio helps us in different ways but again, they close lately, deliver poor shows and music in unfavorable hours. They should re-organize their programs,” Brigitte Gwizimpundu, a year three student in Journalism and Communication says.

Besides criticisms of Agaciro radio, XXX cheers up its importance through programs including Bible study show which is organized by members of Phaneroo Ministry on every Saturday afternoon at 4pm.
“I’ve been working on Agaciro radio since 2020. I thank them for having trained me and turning into a professional before microphone. I also got a lot of connection,” Patrick Niyonkuru, an SJC student says.

Speaking to The Kaminuza Star, The  Radio’s Boss, Mr. Richard Mbabazi says that as per audiences’ complaints, the solution has been made.
“we’ve revised the organization of our programs and set a timetable in partnership with the campus administration, offered important information to students. About the complaints of noise, we allowed playing programs to medium volume to avoid distraction to our audiences. We are always ensuring that we don’t distract our audience but provide them with a quality content.”
Apart from students’ positive views from students, (wei, 2017) argued that avoiding inappropriate news and topics, developing the ability to adapt to the new technologies and various new media, and improving innovation ability of the program can be used to fight the challenges of the radio in the campus.

By Hagenimana Ruth