UR student selected as Millennium Fellow for class of 2022

Mr Pheneas is a student at University of Rwanda 

The University of Rwanda student in  Journalism and Communication Department, Pheneas Sebeza, has been selected  among 3000 Millennium fellows from 200 campuses from over 30,000 applicants from more than 2400 campuses across 140 nations.  

The selection made on August 9th 2022 following their applications’ admission and Pheneas was chosen mainly due to his project named ‘Leave Poverty and Develop’ (LPD). His project is set to address the impacts related to early pregnancy through journalistic works and advocacy for getting small capital to make their living, stamp out stigma.

In an interview with Kaminuza Star, Mr Pheneas Sebeza says he is excited with this step among many other competing applicants worldwide who were striving for this year’s class. He adds that he expects more achievement as a Millennium Fellow and a leader.

“I am so excited to be a part of this year’s class. I look forward to learning more including leadership skills, making friends, and wide connections from this fellowship. Journalists’ daily task includes informing, thus, it will be easier for me to communicate the needs and challenges of young ladies who got early pregnancies,” he says.

The benefits Mr. Pheneas expects from this selection include gaining a certificate of recognition from the United Nations Academic Impact (UNAI) and Millennium Campus Network (MCN) and getting his project successfully implemented to meet SDGs that impact positively on people’s lives.

Speaking on what students should learn, he says they should not take things; they read, hear, watch or listen to for granted because they might be packed with opportunities.

“It is pride to both me and my university. I found an ad on Facebook and applied but it was after my fellow student at the campus was selected last year. I did not believe I can make it but again, I did not ignore it. I applied and I am now selected. So, students should not take things for granted”,  he reacts.

Millennium Fellowship is a leadership development program that happens on different campuses. The United Nations Academic Impact and Millennium Campus Network (MCN) have made a significant impact on the global people through SDGs where it has equipped students with skills and mentorship to pursue their dreams or projects to the next level hence driving the development.