Meet Emmanuel Turikumana, the author of My Own World book

Reading and writing culture among the population of Africa had for many decades been rife. Unlike other cultures, the reading and writing culture was not quickly adopted. However, this culture is being instilled among Africans including Rwandans.

In an interview with Kaminuza Star, Emmanuel Turikumana says writing the book came as an inspiration from societal and gospel-related books which he likes reading.

Again, observing the people’s lives in the same palpable world through which every people have their psychological view of the world and various experiences. Thus, he wanted to contribute to people’s living standards through writing starting from book he called My Own World.

”In this tangible world someone may have relatives and neighbors, living the same life but his actions make him different when they are not normal which might reveal him as he lives in a different world”, he says.

Upcoming authors in Rwanda have common barriers of insufficient financial means, inadequate materials when they are going to conduct research, and their audience is not much active in reading either locally or global books writers in Rwanda.

Although Emmanuel reveals writing as his passion, he says that he faces many difficulties.
“Despite my passion, I lack technological means and enough time because I both write and do a follow-up of all my studies as a university student”, Emmanuel expresses.

Turikumana appreciates the government of Rwanda’s part in promoting reading and writing culture through the establishment of public libraries, free internet, and smart rooms which improve access to information and knowledge at large.

Mr Richard Hategekimana the Chairperson of Rwanda Writers Federation (RWF) says the young generation is not as active at writing as it was expected to have an impact on the knowledge-based economy of the country.

Adding to the expected results from writing, Hategekimana says the federation aims at assisting and working with the young generation whose passion is reading and writing.

“We kindly listen to ideas, share ideas and help new members who approach us edit and publish as we helped many upcoming writers”, Hategikimana adds.

Emmanuel Turikumana, is a university of Rwanda’s (Huye Campus) finalist student from the School of Nursing and Midwifery who has reading and writing culture. He on July 2022 launched the book he started writing in 2018.

His book, My Own World discloses the difference between the two worlds ‘psychological and physical World’ of any age, status, and position. Emmanuel has currently written three books but only one is published. He says that the two remaining books are progressive projects which he is set to publish some months ahead.

By Eric Mihigo