Erickson Mugisha elected as Guild President of URSU


He is a year four student in Law Department 
Erickson Mugisha, a year four student in Law Department, on August 13, has declared as Guild President of the University of Rwanda’s Students Union at the Huye Campus by the Arbitration Committee.

The election was scheduled on this Saturday where students’ ambiance has been too much in an open room of campus’s main auditorium. They have been before and during the manifestation of their preferred candidates, shouting out their names and waving the posters of their photos in the air.

After Class representatives, representatives of schools, contestants themselves, and the outgoing Guild Council members who make up the Electoral College voted for fitting candidates, votes has counted and the Arbitration Committee openly has declared winning contestants for Guild Council which is headed by Erickson Mugisha.

Modeste Ukwishaka, a year two student in Journalism and Communication Department and Ineza who learns in Law Department appreciate the transparency through which the election has been made adding that they are excited with the results.

“This election has been well organized since each contestant got enough time for his or her campaign. The votes have been counted in an open place and there were poll watchers so it was perfect. We wish our leaders will implement their manifestations as they promised because they are among the criteria for us to choose them,” Modeste says.

“We have got properly prepared for this election period and we are happy for the results. The election has been transparent that we are satisfied,” Ineza announces.

After being declared a winner, Erickson Mugisha says “All I can say is ‘Thank you.’ I thank you who helped me make it. I thank fellow contestants, outgoing Guild Council members, campus administration, Electoral College, and fellow students at large. I will be a leader to both of you: whether you voted for me or not.”

He has highlighted his love for students, his spirit to contribute to the development of students, and most importantly students’ requests for him to contest as Guild President after successfully serving as the Speaker of the Board of Representatives in URSU as key reasons why he joined the contest.

“My leadership is student-centered, so students will be the ones to set what is to be done for them. I want students to help me, and come along with me in setting goals and evaluating their progress. Why not? They can even take me over if I cannot serve the purpose of my mandate, then I deserve to be out of the game”.

Erickson has defined campus administration as the backbone of everything they achieve and thanked them more for their role.
On behalf of the Guild Council, Ronald Mugabo, outgoing guild president thanked the team he co-worked with during their mandate and advised the elected committee to keep their promises for maintaining the trust given to them by students.

UR-Huye Campus Administrator, Dr Jean Bosco Shema has thanked the Arbitration Committee for the amazing job done, the outgoing Guild Council members, and winning and losing contestants for their willingness of serving students.

“Keep that leadership spirit. You will even serve students in other ways,” he says to failed contestants.
He has also promised a close partnership with the elected council to solve problems and challenges they highlighted.

Erickson Mugisha urged to organize at least two general assemblies in a semester (for setting goals and evaluating the progress), advocating for students to have clean water and an increase of living allowance as prices increased as well.

Erickson Mugisha was elected with 142 ballots winning the other three contestants for the seat of Guild President including the second one with 112 votes.

Among other elected leaders are, Vice Guild President, Didier Ngabo(127 ballots), General Secretary, Akaliza Laurete Anelly(210 ballots), Speaker of the Board, Paul Kamanzi(155 ballots), Vice Speaker, Fred Mugisha(136 ballots), Secretary of the Board, Jeannette Niyomugabo(178 ballots).

The outgoing Guild Council members were sworn in on 2 July 2021. The swearing-in and hand-over ceremony’s date is to be communicated in the coming days.

By Pheneas Sebeza